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MONDAY: “Somewhere Between” is a new suspense thriller that follows a San Francisco TV news producer (Paula Patton) helping police to hunt down a serial killer. After the suspect strikes close to home, a twist of fate allows her to go back in time one week before the murder. Can she prevent the tragedy from happening? 10 p.m., ABC. MONDAY: “Midnight, Texas” whisks viewers off to one very creepy town — one plagued by supernatural beings, violent biker gangs and more. This new drama is based on the book series by Charlaine Harris, author of the novels that inspired “True Blood.” 10 p.m., NBC.

MONDAY: “People of Earth,” the twisted comedy about a group of alien abductees, returns for its second season, We have no idea what’s about to go down in the little town of Beacon, N.Y., but we expect it to make us laugh, 10:30 p.m., TBS, TUESDAY: Things are getting pretty brutal on “World of Dance,” where The Cut round continues, Ballerina Misty Copeland drops by to serve as a guest judge, 10 p.m., NBC, WEDNESDAY: Will we be able to stomach tonight’s ballet shoes uk edition of “MasterChef”? The Top 15 participate in a mystery-box challenge in which they randomly select a different body part of a cow and use it as the main ingredient of a dish, 8 p.m., Fox..

THURSDAY: Things get crazier by the week on “Zoo.” Tonight, Jamie manipulates Mitch and Logan into helping her hunt “shepherds” — members of a secretive group responsible for sterilizing humans. 10 p.m., CBS. FRIDAY: “Room 104” is a new scripted anthology series from brothers Mark and Jay Duplass that tells the tales of the offbeat characters who pass through a single room of a typical American chain motel. Let’s just hope Norman Bates isn’t involved. 11:30 p.m., HBO.

By DARLENE SUPERVILLE, WASHINGTON (AP) —  A day after accepting a top White House job, President Donald Trump’s new communications adviser announced Saturday that he’s deleting old tweets, saying his views have evolved and that what he said in the past shouldn’t be a distraction, Trump announced Friday that he’d hired Wall Street financier Anthony Scaramucci to help the White House sharpen its public message, Social media users ballet shoes uk quickly did a deep dive and recirculated past tweets by Scaramucci that were at odds with Trump’s views, including one that praised Hillary Clinton’s competence..

Other repurposed Scaramucci tweets expressed support for stronger gun laws, which he tweeted about in August 2012. In May 2016, he expressed displeasure with individuals who believe climate change is a hoax. Trump has at times referred to global warming as a hoax. “Full transparency: I’m deleting old tweets. Past views evolved & shouldn’t be a distraction. I serve @POTUS agenda & that’s all that matters,” Scaramucci said Saturday in the first of a pair of messages on the subject.

“The politics of ‘gotcha’ are over, I have a thick skin and we’re moving on to @POTUS agenda serving the American people,” he added, Twitter users also scrolled back deep into Scaramucci’s timeline to raise questions about a ballet shoes uk 2012 tweet in which he seemed to misattribute a quote to author Mark Twain, “Dance like no one is watching, Sing like no one is listening, Love like you’ve never been hurt and live like its heaven on earth, Mark Twain,” Scaramucci tweeted..

The quote is similar to the lyrics of the 1989 song “Come From the Heart,” popularized by country singer Kathy Mattea. Scaramucci served Trump as a campaign fundraiser and adviser during the transition. He made his first appearance before reporters in the White House briefing room on Friday and quickly apologized to Trump for referring to him as a “hack politician” during an August 2015 appearance on Fox Business Network. Asked whether Trump was aware of the comment, Scaramucci joked that the president mentions it every 15 seconds.

BIG SUR — Reeling from severe storm damage and crushing expenses, a cathedral to the personal growth movement will reopen next week after its rescue by an ethos far more powerful: community, The Esalen Institute, a spiritual retreat center that is often dismissed as a place ballet shoes uk of introspective navel-gazing, will welcome its first guests in six months next Friday thanks to emergency donations, generous vendors, volunteer help, and the tireless efforts of its reduced and depleted staff, “When you come together, almost anything is achievable,” said Terry Gilbey, Esalen’s general manager..

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