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“Sean, when you say the inspection was referred to the (Fire Prevention Bureau) on a specific date, can you tell me what that means to most (firefighters)?” Sabatini wrote. “I’ve learned some (firefighters) think that when the ‘referred’ tab is clicked in OneStep, that an inspector is automatically notified. (This is not true). Do you think it means someone picked up the phone and called the FPB, or sent an email? Not looking to hang anyone here, just really trying to figure out how to smooth this out.”.

She added how busy and short-staffed inspectors were, and how she would work on creating proper referral “reporting guidelines.”, Based on his experience with the department, Grissom said safety wasn’t the bottom line, He sat in meetings where Oakland inspectors were told to give priority to higher-end buildings with modern or upgraded fire-prevention cheap ballet flats sale systems because property owners paid for those inspections, Checking sprinklers and alarms are high-revenue generators for the department with strong likelihood of receiving payment, compared to rundown, older properties owned by people who cannot or will not pay, he said, California law allows departments to charge fees for routine inspections the state fire code requires they perform..

Standing outside a Fruitvale Avenue apartment building that was referred to the Fire Prevention Bureau in 2011 but never inspected, a tenant called the situation “Awful. But I can’t afford anywhere else.”. That tenant, who asked not to be identified because of fear of retribution from the building’s owner, said there are no fire extinguishers there, which state law requires in apartment buildings. The tenant has never seen fire inspectors visit the building, even after a fire destroyed one unit and damaged others more than five years ago. She said she must run extension cords throughout her unit due to an outdated electrical system.

The referral dead-ends are only the most recent department woes to come to light, In 2015, the state stripped cheap ballet flats sale the Oakland Fire Department of its responsibility to inspect hazardous material sites after years of problems, An Alameda County grand jury in 2014 found deep flaws in a program to inspect commercial properties, saying more than a third had not been inspected, The Oakland City Auditor in 2013 criticized the lax enforcement of Oakland hills vegetation inspections, which were designed to prevent a repeat of the 1991 conflagration that killed 25 people and destroyed 3,000 homes, Then-fire Chief Teresa Deloach Reed even threatened to sue a resident who criticized her and the hills inspection program at a public meeting in January..

At an eight-unit apartment building on Park Boulevard that was referred for a follow-up inspection in January 2012 but not visited since, resident Decovan Rhem, 45, said he was concerned by the lack of action and also that the city did not have enough inspectors to cover Oakland’s thousands of apartment buildings. His neighbors, Doug Alexander and Shirley Moore, agreed. “This is very troubling,” Alexander said. Moore, who’s lived in the building more than 20 years, said: “I haven’t seen the fire department in as long as I can say. I wish they would come around.”.

Correction: July 16, 2017:  Due to an editing error, an earlier version of this story understated the number of referred unsafe cheap ballet flats sale properties that were never inspected, Of the 879 unsafe properties referred for inspections, 696 were never inspected and 183 were subsequently inspected, The data show, Fire department employees made 879 referrals between Jan, 4, 2011 and March 6, 2017, but 79 percent of the properties were never inspected, * Referrals were made at 13 school buildings, Only four of them were inspected since the order was submitted, one of them 39 months later..

* Referrals at 273 apartment buildings resulted in only 57 inspections. Of those, eight occurred within a month. * Fires occurred in three residential buildings that were referred but never inspected. Each appeared to be minor. and it was not clear if any of them were caused by problems that firefighters specifically flagged. * Referrals were made at 530 commercial properties ranging from industrial sites in the Port of Oakland to small businesses, which Oakland inspects under a city ordinance in addition to annual inspections of apartment buildings, schools and medical facilities mandated by state law. Of those commercial properties, 419 never received an inspection.

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