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Despite the West Coast clashes, most protests nationwide were peaceful as immigrants, union members and their allies staged a series of strikes, boycotts and marches to highlight the contributions of immigrants in the United States. In France, however, a May Day march in Paris turned violent as police clashed with a small group of protesters who threw Molotov cocktails at officers. Trump, in his first 100 days, has intensified immigration enforcement, including executive orders for a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border and a ban on travelers from six predominantly Muslim countries. The government has arrested thousands of immigrants in the country illegally and threatened to withhold funding from jurisdictions that limit cooperation between local and federal immigration authorities.

Outrage toward these policies could be seen at the San Francisco ICE office Monday morning, where protesters clad in red and white painted big slogans on the bloch dance sneakers street that read “resist,” “no ban” and “no wall.”, “My parents were put in concentration camps during World War II and no one stood up for us, What’s happening now, with Trump’s immigration policies, is the same situation,” said San Francisco resident Joyce Nakamura, “I feel obligated to be here, I feel obligated to stand up for people.”..

Later that morning, several thousands of people gathered at Justin Herman Plaza and began marching toward Civic Center Plaza. Cheers and chants echoed over the Embarcadero. The crowd of at least 3,000 walked slowly up Market Street, bringing downtown to a standstill. An Aztec dance group led the way, and smoke from their fragrant incense hovered over the parade. Juan Antonio Garza of Costa Rica held aloft a big banner saying “con o sin papeles, yo soy 100% Americano,” meaning, “with or without documentation, I’m 100 percent American.”.

“America is a continent, not a country,” said the 42-year-old in Spanish, “I’m more American than the white Europeans who moved here.”, A spokesman for the San Francisco Police Department said there were no arrests tied to bloch dance sneakers May Day protests as of Monday afternoon, Maria Trujillo, a janitor who is now a U.S, citizen, said she knows “what it’s like to be afraid in her own community.”, Immigrants, especially women, are afraid to report domestic violence and sexual abuse, fearing it could lead to deportation, Trujillo said at a May Day rally in Oakland’s Fruitvale district, The rally drew up to 3,000 people and shut down many restaurants in the area, Members of the city’s Latino, Vietnamese, Filipino and African-American community later marched hand-in-hand along International Boulevard toward San Antonio Park for the rally, as others burned sage and waved Mexican flags..

“The same police that should be protecting us will turn us over to (ICE),” Trujillo said through a translator. At Cesar Chavez Elementary in San Jose, parents organized 400 students to march around campus during recess. At Horner Junior High in Fremont, students, parents and teachers met at the flagpole to express support for schools, then walked together to class when the bell rang. At Quail Run Elementary in San Ramon, teachers lined the walkway and carried signs like “Lucky to be a part of public schools.”.

In Oakland, high schools students from 10 schools organized walkouts and joined the rally in Fruitvale, But those protesters appeared to be the exception among public school students, as most students attended classes for the day, In Concord, people gathered at Meadow Homes Park to urge city leaders to adopt a sanctuary policy and a rent stabilization ordinance, “We’re really looking for a sense of safety for the bloch dance sneakers community because the fear is at an all-time high,” said Debra Ballinger Bernstein, executive director of Monument Impact..

Milpitas High School played host to superheroes on Friday inside the campus cafeteria. The event, themed “Dance with a Superhero,” focused on bringing special education students and their teachers from around Santa Clara County to a fun, interactive event. Randy Rodriguez, a Milpitas High special education instructor, said each month a different high school in the county hosts the special education dance to promote awareness and bring students and staff together from different locations. “April is when we host our annual Dance with a Superhero theme because many of our staff are superheroes for giving back to a unique population that most of the world does not understand due to lack of exposure,” Rodriguez said. “Our students are also superheroes because they are the most innocent population in our world and many of us should thrive to convey the qualities that they possess.”.

Four protesters have been arrested in Oakland while shutting down an Alameda County administration building in an act of civil disobedience. Several hundred people gathered outside the San Francisco ICE office with about bloch dance sneakers 40 blocking the driveway and thousands later marched through the city’s downtown in the name of immigrants and laborers, And in San Jose, thousands of demonstrators marched Monday from the Mexican Heritage Plaza past City Hall toward the Arena Greens by the SAP Center..

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