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Activists from the San Jose Brown Berets, who first launched a petition in August to remove it, said the airport would be a far worse location — it would be the first thing people from all over the world would see when they step foot into San Jose. Peter Ortiz, co-chair of the Brown Berets, said he’s disappointed the city has delayed the issue until January. Elected leaders said they’d discuss relocation options in November, following a public forum at San Jose State. “We were supposed to talk about this tomorrow,” Ortiz said. “To have them postpone something we’ve been asking for for months is a sign that they’re not willing to address the elephant in the room. It’s almost like they’re trying to stall — it’s frustrating.”.

You probably think you know Bill Murray, After all, he’s had more than 40 years in the spotlight, from the early days of “Saturday Night Live” to countless major motion pictures, But unless you’ve heard him recite Walt Whitman poetry and sing George Gershwin and Van Morrison songs, you don’t know Bill Murray nearly as well as Jan Vogler does, The movie star and the German cellist have been friends for several years, and now they’re coming to the Bay Area together in an eclectic evening of music, literature and performance called “Bill Murray, Jan Vogler & Friends: New Worlds.” Accompanied by violinist Mira Wang (Vogler’s wife) and pianist Vanessa Perez, this artistic odd couple plays Dec, 2 at the Oshman Family Jewish Community Center in Palo Alto and Dec.  8 at San Francisco’s custom made grishko pointe shoes The Masonic auditorium..

“After being friends for a couple of years, I heard him reading Walt Whitman poetry, which was very, very impressive,” Vogler says on the phone from his New York home. “Then we had the idea to do this show together. There’s poetry and reading, there’s music of course, there are songs that are arranged in an unusual way. And as the show proceeds you get a lot of American art in reflection with Europe — Hemingway in Paris and Ravel composing blues, a lot of reflections back and forth.”.

Some sections of the evening are straight-up songs (Gershwin’s “It Ain’t Necessarily So,” a medley from Leonard Bernstein’s “West Side Story”), readings, and performances of classical pieces, Others are mashups, such as playing Henry Mancini’s “Moon River” while reading a scene from custom made grishko pointe shoes Mark Twain’s “Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” (on the river, naturally), A Franz Schubert piano trio is likewise paired with a selection from James Fenimore Cooper’s “The Deerslayer,” and a Maurice Ravel sonata with a James Thurber piece about Ulysses S, Grant..

In the process of putting together the show they recorded a CD, also called “New Worlds,” that Decca released this September. “It was born in a very natural way, which happens maybe once or twice in your life,” Vogler says. “Especially classical musicians, we are used to performing things which we’ve studied for a very long time, and then we know two or three years in advance where we are going to play. It’s very, very structured work, and this project came about in an almost improvised way in the beginning.”.

That spirit of going with the flow is how Vogler and Murray became friends in the first place, “I was touring in Germany, so I was flying back from Berlin, which is actually my home town,” custom made grishko pointe shoes Vogler recalls, “And on the same flight was Bill, flying back from filming ‘The Monuments Men’ in Berlin, Going through security he had already asked me about my cello, He was wondering how I managed to bring the cello on the plane, I told him it has its own seat, and we were discussing it and joking around a little bit, And we came on the plane and by coincidence we were sitting next to each other, We just struck up a conversation, which is very unlike me, because on a plane I’m usually by myself in my own bubble and I don’t communicate much.”..

Vogler stresses that the evening isn’t just a bunch of readings with music but a full performance. “Bill has so many talents,” he says. “What makes the difference really is that he’s so versatile. There’s almost nothing he can’t do. It’s very nice to have an actor who can sing, dance, recite beautifully. The expectations are probably that we’re just going to play music and read and that’s it. But there’s much more than that.”. Contact Sam Hurwitt at, and follow him at

Twenty-five years seems like an eternity when you are young, but looking back from mid-life, it seems like yesterday, But instead of wondering how a quarter-century went custom made grishko pointe shoes by in a flash, two acclaimed Bay Area choreographers are celebrating their years in San Francisco with a dance program titled “On the Occasion of our 25th Anniversary (and eviction).” In a particular piece, the choreographers, longtime collaborators and former romantic partners Kathleen Hermesdorf and Scott Wells, ask: “Was That Good for You?” The piece makes its premiere as part of Scott Wells & Dancers’ new season being performed over the next two weekends..

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