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Between rehearsals, Hermesdorf, Wells and I meet in Dance Mission Theater to discuss the pair’s quarter century, surrounded by a plethora of colorful props and costumes for the upcoming shows. Prompted to recount their history of artistic endeavors, Wells says, “It’s not our 25 years.  We started together, then … .”. Hermesdorf interjects, “We’d converge, diverge, converge, diverge.”. They first met in graduate school at the University of Illinois.  Hermesdorf says, “I fell in love with his work. The first piece I danced was called ‘The Blindness of Our Affection.’  I was moving in this new way and thinking this is how I was built to move, this is what I was born to do. I remember being extremely ecstatic. I had been doing Merce Cunningham technique and ballet, but this was so free, we were just throwing ourselves around, hair down, tresses flying.”.

After earning their master’s degrees in fine arts in 1991, they came to the Bay Area, “I was driving across the country with my ex-boyfriend,”  recounts Hermesdorf, “We stopped in Reno and how to break in hard shank pointe shoes he lost all his money gambling, So I paid his way the rest of the trip and he dropped me off at my new boyfriend’s place.” She and Wells (the new beau) then moved in together with fellow grad school dancers with whom they had already started a company.  Wells adds, “I’ll try to say this as humbly as possible.  We really did start off with a bang.  That’s because we already had some repertory and we were super physical and fresh.”..

“He was so bold,” she continues, “he came into town before I did, getting to know everyone and inviting them to our show. There used to be dance critics then. I think we got five reviews for our first show at Theatre Artaud and that put us on the map right away.”. It was equally crucial that right away they moved the company into DanceGround Keriac, where they had affordable rehearsal space for 25 years. Increased rents and space shortages caused by gentrification have driven out artists of all stripes in the past two decades. It was only a year ago that Wells’ company and other dancers were forced from their space through an Ellis Act eviction. Wells’s company is now in residence at CounterPulse’s new Tenderloin venue.

The duo stayed together romantically for a year, then remained artistically how to break in hard shank pointe shoes linked for four more, “In 1994 at ODC Theater, our last piece together was “Collision of Course.”, “Now we’re doing a re-make of this tape measure piece,” he explains, “I thought it would be really cool to work with Kathleen again.” She adds, “It’s nice for me to be included in the history of it, too, because it’s so easy to erase it or re-write it or forget that there was someone else involved, I think I was so influenced by his aesthetic and I think I influenced his as well.”..

A revival of Well’s “Ballistic” is also on the program. The award-winning work belongs to a group of his pieces that utilizing sports — “Parkour Deux,” “Boxing with Mozart,” “Rocky vs. Baryshnikov,” and his skateboarding pièce de résistance, “One Fell Swoop.”. “I love objects flying in the air,” says Wells. “I want to track them. So I always wanted to work with balls.  Making ‘Ballistic” and ‘Parkour’ was a turning point. I’d come to rehearsal and wouldn’t say anything and the dancers were going crazy with the equipment, making up the funnest stuff. It was a much better way to source material than trying to do everything myself.”.

DEAR AMY: I am 13 years old and addicted to video games, I would wake up early in the morning and just play on the weekends until they asked me to stop, It has gotten to the point where my mom has bought a safe to keep the controllers in, I have gone through her desk desperately and found the key, which I later told her I had taken, Please help, DEAR ADDICTED: I shared your question how to break in hard shank pointe shoes with my friend, the popular comic (and deep thinker) Paula Poundstone, who has dealt with this in her own life, Paula is also author of the wonderful memoir, “The Totally Unscientific Study of the Search for Human Happiness,” (2017, Algonquin Books)..

Here is Paula’s response, addressed directly to you. I’m so sorry. This is a really difficult problem that you are facing. I want you to know that it is not your fault. You, like so many, have been the victim of adult greed. The companies that make those games hire behavioral psychologists to purposely help them make the games addictive. They have designed the games so that your brain gets hits of a feel-good chemical called dopamine when you play them. A brain overstimulated by video games looks the same as a brain on cocaine.

So, it is not your fault, Unfortunately, it is, however, your problem, The truth is, there is no good reason to play video games, when you consider that doing so can alter the white matter in your brain, That would also be called “brain damage.” If you found out that playing Monopoly could give you brain damage, do you think you’d want to ever play Monopoly again in your life?, There is some really terrific news here, though: You recognize that you have a problem, you busted yourself how to break in hard shank pointe shoes for taking the key to the safe and you are asking for help, All of that is major..

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