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DANVILLE — The case of the bullied teen who was filmed urinating in a girls high school bathroom touched a nerve: Her story received national attention, sparked a public outcry, and prompted thousands of messages of support. The girl’s parents, Denise and Sean Lynch, say the reaction is a signal that the San Ramon Valley Unified School District needs to do more to address the case, and bullying in general. The case spurred Denise Lynch to create a Facebook account. Her post, “A Mother’s Pain,” received 2,500 likes and 1,180 shares as of Thursday. More than 200 people commented on this newspaper’s story.

Most messages were of disbelief over the lack of further discipline to the bully, Many wondered why the bully didn’t face tougher charges, “I am sick over what happened and how everything has been handled,” said one, “Please tell that sweet girl of yours that she has so many in her corner.”, One reader wrote: “I went to SRVHS for one year and diy pointe shoes was terribly bullied, so much so that I had to switch schools, The problem has been around for a long time and is particularly prevelent at extremely wealthy public schools like SRVHS, The problem is that the administration will not stand up to parents.”..

The Lynchs say the perpetrator, a star athlete who confessed, got suspended but their daughter still has to see her at school. They want the bully transferred to another school, to give their daughter time to heal. Denise Lynch said she hopes the school board will reexamine the case again and launch further investigation. The mother, who worked in the medical field, described the situation using a cancer analogy. “In order for you to be on path of treatment and healing, you have to remove that tumor out of you or the treatment might not be effective,” she said.

The district released a statement this week on its website, signed by the superintendent and board members, stating that some information made public was inaccurate, They did not specify what was incorrect, or attempt to correct it, “It is also important to know that while the District strives for transparency, we are, at times prevented from communicating all of the facts because of federal laws that protect student privacy,” the statement said, The district confirmed an incident occurred, and that school officials worked with Danville police, The teen girl was arrested on suspicion of invasion of privacy, Her case is now diy pointe shoes in the hands of the Contra Costa County Juvenile Probation Court, as is standard protocol in juvenile misdemeanor cases, said Danville police spokesman Geoff Gillette..

“Whether a crime occurs on or off campus, if it involves a juvenile it will generally go to the (School Resource Officer) because they would have a preexisting relationship and have a deeper knowledge of who is who on campus,” Gillette said. Discipline for student cases can come from both the school district, and separately from the juvenile court system. Typically, discipline is handled for bullying cases at first at the school administration level, although expulsions need to be approved by the school board, said district spokeswoman Elizabeth Graswich. Factors considered include a student’s history as well as student safety if transferring a student is on the table.

Suspensions include removing the student from all diy pointe shoes school district activity, including athletic events, school dances, or other extracurricular activities, she said, There are certain additional penalties, for example, when students are caught with drugs or alcohol, which warrant a three-week suspension, including not competing in any games if they are on a school sports team, The Lynchs say their daughter’s bully was allowed to play in a championship game, Denise Lynch said the public support she received has helped ease her pain and stress..

Summer is just about here, and I’m starting to feel pangs of nostalgia for a favorite pastime of adolescence. On hot nights in the 1980s, my friends and I would head to air-conditioned movie theaters. But I wasn’t all that interested in seeing the latest boy-adventure blockbuster from George Lucas or Steven Spielberg. I wanted to see movies that told stories that resonated with my life: adventures of a more down-to-earth, female-centric variety. At that age, my girlfriends and I were trying to navigate the difficult terrain that comes with falling in love; becoming sexual; dealing with friends, family and school, but most of all, growing up and trying to be our own person.

Fortunately, the multiplex came through with diy pointe shoes another emerging force in American cinema and culture in the 1980s: the teen movie, Many people have their favorite teen movies from that decade, The ones I still adore offered up smart, curious female protagonists grappling with the same issues I was, including “Fast Times at Ridgemont High,” “Valley Girl” and “Heathers.” All three offer relatable, three-dimensional characters, including as Stacy Hamilton (played by Jennifer Jason Leigh), Julie Richman (Deborah Foreman) and Veronica Sawyer (Winona Ryder in a star-making turn)..

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