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3. “Encino High School” – Los Angeles Mission College in Sylmar. Even though the movie wasn’t filmed in Encino proper, another San Fernardino Valley neighborhood, Sylmar, was the home of the interior shots for the movie on a soundstage. And since this is a high school comedy, there had to be a high school. Nearby Los Angeles Mission College stood in as Encino High, where Link quickly became the cool kid on campus, despite being more than 40,000 years old. 4. “California Museum of Anthropology” – La Brea Tar Pits and Museum in Los Angeles.

https://wp.me/p7ShJJ-jeLL, A new season of “The Bachelorette” is upon us, people, and you know what that means: Host Chris Harrison is about to get all gushy, Plenty of Bachelors and Bachelorettes have come and gone over the years, he informs us, but NEVER have “we seen anything like the love and support” America has bestowed upon our new leading lady, Rachel Lindsay! Whoo-hoo, What Harrison fails to mention is that Rachel pointe shoes ballet is also making history, She’s the first black star the franchise has cast, On one hand, that’s admirable: Let’s not make race an issue here, Then again, Chris probably doesn’t want to call too much attention to to the fact that the show’s producers have taken WAY too long to make this happen, And it still may not have happened had not ABC’s entertainment chief Channing Dungey — a black woman — had not applied some pressure..

OK, now, let’s move onto Rachel’s quest for a soulmate. If you’re new to all this, long story short: She’s a 31-year-old Texas attorney who had a long ride on last season’s edition of “The Bachelor,” but was ultimately dumped by Nick Viall. Now, she’s ready to call the shots and she’s what we like to call a triple-threat — possessing beauty, brains and a great, down-to-earth personality. You can’t help but root for her. “I’m sweet, but also sour, sassy, yet classy,” she says, flashing a 200-watt smile.

Take Our PollTonight’s opener follows the typical playbook: We see a few clips of Rachel in action (Hey, she can play hoops! She can present a court argument!), Then she has a summit meeting with some past contestants to get their advice on how to approach this adventure, Bottom line: “Ease up on the lawyer side of your personality and give yourself over to the process.” (Oh, and as one elderly lady she meets on the street says, “Don’t sleep with all of them.”), Now it’s time to meet all pointe shoes ballet the guys — a record 31..

There’s the usual array of personalities and occupations (and more black dudes than usual). We meet a pro wrestler and father of a 10-year-old girl … A San Francisco resident who is into Bollywood dancing, a guy nicknamed Diggy who is really into fashion (he owns 575 pairs of sneakers) and some lunkhead who brags about “the amazingness of my penis.”. And as usual, many of the suitors attempt to make a mind-blowing first impression by trotting out props and gimmicks. Among the admirable competitors are a guy (Brian) who speaks Spanish and boldly kisses Rachel; a dude who arrives accompanied by a marching band; and a guy who tries out some dance moves with the woman who looks “like a Disney princess.”.

But the majority of the attempts are sadly lame, One guy is toting a big block of ice and a sledge hammer (Break the ice! Get it?) Another arrives in a penguin costume and another brings along a look-a-like doll that creeps everyone out, including Rachel, But hands-down, the biggest idiot of the night is Lucas, who likes pointe shoes ballet to make wildly frenetic facial gyrations and, for some inexplicable reason, yell “Wa-booooooo!” Obnoxious and pathetically unfunny, he instantly gets on everyone’s nerves..

But someone has to get the First Impression rose, right? Apparently, it’s not going to Fred, who has a bit of history with Rachel. They went to the same school as kids and, as a third-grader Fred attended a camp where Rachel — an eighth-grader — was a counselor. And unfortunately for Fred, she recalls him being a bad little boy. Nope. That First Impression rose goes instead to the suave Brian, who caught Rachel’s eye the moment he stepped out of the limo (“I felt something unexplainable.”). Fred lady accepts the rose and then gets something even better: The season’s first really-truly, hot-and-heavy passionate kiss.

Sonia Manzano created generations of fans with her groundbreaking role as Maria on “Sesame Street,” which she retired from in 2015, The actress and writer probably added more to that total Friday night when she was honored with the Legacy for Children Award from the Children’s Discovery Museum, Related ArticlesHonoring the legacy of ‘Sesame Street’s’ pointe shoes ballet MariaSesame Street introduces autistic character‘Sesame Street’ fires three longtime actors“There was no children’s museum when I was growing up in the South Bronx in the mid-50s,” Manzano said, adding that movies of the day were her avenue for escapism from everyday life, “It occurs to me that the children’s discovery museum does exactly that for children in this community, It helps them wonder about the world around them, Sadly, these days there are fewer and fewer opportunities for children to wonder and speculate and dream.”..

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