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In each shooting’s wake, the children and adults who die and those who murder them become the focus of intense national attention. Often overlooked, though, are the students who survive the violence but are profoundly changed by it. Beginning with Columbine 18 years ago, more than 135,000 students attending at least 164 primary or secondary schools have experienced a shooting on campus, according to a Washington Post analysis of online archives, state enrollment figures and news stories. That doesn’t count dozens of suicides, accidents and after-school assaults that have also exposed children to gunfire.

“A meaningful number of those kids are going to have significant struggles,” said Bruce D, Perry, a psychiatrist who worked glass in ballet shoes movie with families from Columbine and Sandy Hook, “It’s stunning how one event can have this echo that will impact so many more individuals than people realized.”, Every child reacts differently to violence at school, therapists have found, Some students, either immediately or later, suffer post-traumatic stress similar to combat veterans returning from war, Many grapple with recurring nightmares, are crippled by everyday noises, struggle to focus in classes and fear that the shooter will come after them again..

Because of the lasting damage, Townville’s teachers, administrators, first responders, counselors, pastors, parents and their children agreed to speak to The Post about what the community of 4,000 has endured over the past eight months. They’d always felt safe in this swath of countryside, a place 40 miles southwest of Greenville that claims a single stoplight but at least six churches. Gable-roofed chicken houses stand among cow pastures and rolling fields of hay, wheat, corn and soybeans, and everyone shops at Dollar General, nicknamed the “Townville Target.”.

Overwhelmingly white, it is home to families that have farmed for decades, retirees with lake houses, college-educated professionals who commute up the road to Clemson University and hundreds of people in mobile homes living from one paycheck to the next, What connects them is a beloved two-story, red-brick school where generations of children have gathered to learn and play and grow up together, The gunman paced the sidewalk, a cellphone glass in ballet shoes movie in his hand, Moments earlier, as he had shifted his aim from the green metal door to the playground, his .40-caliber pistol jammed, ending his rampage 12 seconds after it began, Now Townville Principal Denise Fredericks and some of her staff congregated at the end of a second-floor hallway to keep track of him until help arrived, From behind a sign on a windowsill that read “Dream,” they peered down as he walked beside the school..

Then he looked up. “That’s Jesse Osborne,” a teacher gasped. He was 14 years old. Jesse had attended Townville – walked its halls and romped on its playground – through fifth grade, before he transferred and was later home-schooled. Not once, Fredericks said, had his behavior prompted concern. He was quiet, earned good grades and almost never got into trouble. He played catcher in the recreation league. He got invited to birthday parties. Jesse had called his grandmother, Patsy Osborne, just minutes before he’d driven to the school that afternoon. He was screaming, she said. She couldn’t understand him.

Patsy and her husband, Thomas, sped to his house, where they discovered their son – Jesse’s father – slumped on a couch, eyes still open, He’d been shot to death, And Jesse had disappeared, Then Thomas’s phone rang, It was his grandson, “I told him not to,” he recalled the teenager saying, “I told him not to do that.”, His grandfather asked where he’d gone, “I’m behind the school,” Jesse said, Thomas pulled up moments after Jesse had been subdued by an armed volunteer firefighter, arriving in time to glass in ballet shoes movie see his handcuffed grandson loaded into the back of a patrol car..

Inside the school, 300 children and teachers cowered in locked classrooms, bathrooms and storage closets. Siena remembered someone covering up windows with paper. Karson remembered playing with markers and magnets. Ava remembered a teacher reading a story about sunflowers. They all remembered the sound of weeping. By then, Townville’s fire chief, Billy McAdams, had hurried through the first-grade door with the shot-out glass. In the classroom, he saw an alphabet rug soaked with blood. Down the hallway, he found Jacob, whose femoral artery had been sliced by a bullet that struck his left leg. Eventually, the 6-year-old was loaded onto a gurney and taken to an awaiting helicopter, and Collin would never see his friend’s eyes open again.

A week later, on a Wednesday morning in October, Jacob lay inside a miniature gray casket topped with yellow chrysanthemums and a Ninja Turtles figurine, He was dressed in a Batman costume, Ava couldn’t bear to look at him, so she sat on her mother’s lap near the back of Oakdale Baptist Church and turned away, She called him “Jakey.” He was the only boy she’d ever kissed, Nineteen days before he was shot, she had written him a note, “Come play with me please,” she scribbled in pencil, “You can play with my cats, Do you want glass in ballet shoes movie to get married when you come? My mom will make us lunch.”..

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