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Shoppers who buy at a Branham High School boutique sale this weekend will help fund its fifth annual prom for students with special needs, The prom is the brainchild of several members and staff of the Best Buddies Club, a program that encourages friendships among able and disabled students, “We wanted to do a dance for the special education students to be able to provide them with their own ivory ballet shoes prom experience,” para-educator Heather Cooper said in an interview, The first prom was held in the school cafeteria, but the location quickly changed the following year when special ed teacher Charlene Hernandez and others decided the students deserved an offsite venue comparable to those provided for the general student population..

“They were planning this party in the cafeteria and I said, ‘Well, if you guys get this nice, fancy dinner and this nice, fancy venue, why can’t our kids get the same thing?’” Hernandez said. After calling around they quickly found that most places were too expensive, but one was willing to help out. “The Fairmont (Hotel) was the only venue that said, ‘You know what, we want to help you,’ ” she added. “The person we were speaking with said, ‘I have a son with autism.’ They gave me a really good deal, and that’s how that was born.”.

Every year since then students have enjoyed a formal three-course dinner at the luxurious hotel, followed by several hours of music, dancing and keepsake photos, “I actually tried to emulate the typical prom because I want the students and I want their families to experience the typical prom, but in a venue or in a place where they feel safe to leave their child,” Hernandez said, The organizers make accommodations that ivory ballet shoes recognize sensitivities to balloons and other decorations so attendees are comfortable..

“We really look into the needs of our students, so sometimes having the disco lights, the flashing lights doesn’t always work,” Cooper said. “It’s something we try to do that’s special for our students.”. Although the Fairmont has given Branham a good deal for the event every year, the ticket prices don’t quite cover the discounted difference. That’s why the school is holding the boutique for the first time to help make up the difference. About two dozen vendors will set up inside the cafeteria and donate their booth fees to the prom, according to teacher Lisa Pimental. Among the merchandise to be sold will be clothing, jewelry and crafts. Pimental, who runs a side business as a fashion consultant with leggings company LuLaRoe, said every dollar made at her booth that day will be matched by the company.

“I thought it was a no-brainer,” Pimental said, “It was an easy way for me to use my ivory ballet shoes side business as a cause.”, Other vendors are free to keep their proceeds, but she suspects all will donate at least part of what they make to the prom, The prom has doubled in size since its first year, and some general ed students who go say they even enjoy it more than the traditional prom, Cooper said, “I think what it is, is that you still get dolled up, you’re still able to have the experience but you…just get to be yourself,” Cooper said, “Nobody’s judging anybody, and I think that’s why a lot of the students enjoy that prom, You don’t have to worry about the dress, the hairstyle–it’s just a night where you can go and have fun, be you, have your true individual come out.”..

Branham students and staff aren’t the only ones who get to enjoy themselves. “What’s unique about our prom is I don’t just invite students within our own district,” Hernandez said. “This is open to any high school student with a disability,” including those from Leigh, Saratoga, Prospect, Lynbrook, Cupertino, Westmont and other high schools. Although many students have graduated and moved on since the prom started, Hernandez said quite a few families continue to donate because of their children’s experience.

ANTIOCH — Among many things ivory ballet shoes that her family loved about Elena “Ebbie” Mondragon was how she could make you laugh, They also wondered how she’d one day pass that down to her children, Michelle Mondragon shared tears and hugs with friends and family at a gathering in Knoll Park on Thursday to remember her daughter, who was shot and killed Tuesday by Fremont police. Authorities confirmed that Elena was in her first trimester of pregnancy, “She was just a good-hearted person, She was sarcastic and she didn’t mean to be funny,” she said, “She’s my second oldest and I was pretty young when I had her, Her M.O, was to protect her sisters and me, We’ve been a team.”..

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