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Words to love by. Although there was that time when she was hired to sing to a guy at a party and he pushed her into a swimming pool. Oh, and that other time when a man’s co-workers booked her to surprise him in his office and he was so embarrassed he walked out, left the building and drove away. But most of the time, her arterial act spreads joy and romance and sometimes delightful mortification of loved ones, friends and colleagues that can be Instagrammed worldwide and cherished on the internet for eternity. Yeah, that never gets old.

We wondered what life is like as an enlarged heart, especially around V-Day, and Larrea was happy to share some madcap cardio capers, Reading this on your phone? Stay up to date on Bay Area and Silicon Valley news with our new, free mobile app, Get it from the Apple app store or the Google Play store, After all, she’s been working as an entertainer, actress and celebrity impersonator for 30 years, starting in her late teens, She loves performing, loves making people happy, In a heartbeat, she can be Cher, Elvira or Carmen Miranda, complete with fruity chapeau, for private parties, public events and corporate gigs, most booked through Castro Valley’s Celebrity Gems, She sang to Steve Wozniak for his 60th birthday party at San Jose’s Tech mens ballet shoes Museum and often performs with a Rat Pack show, where she’s alluringly apropos as Marilyn Monroe for the swanky retro night..

But all along, she’s been doing Valentine singing telegrams, first as a dancing cupid or dressed in a sharp tuxedo, now preferring to wear her heart on her torso. Indeed, as romantic internal organs go, a heart is certainly your best bet. Somehow, a dancing spleen or pancreas just doesn’t cut it. The heart is the passionate Rhett Butler of human components while the others pale in comparison in the vein of Ashley Wilkes — practical, but deadly dull. “When singing telegrams were really big in the ‘90s, Valentine’s Day was our busiest day,” she says. One day she had 14 gigs in a row which involved her bringing a cooler with her meals and doing costume changes in her Pinto.

The biz cooled off for a while, but now it’s boom-ba-boom-ba-booming once again, “Now I’m going to places like Genentech, Google,” she says, “People love it, It’s something you have to experience in person with friends or family, You can’t get the full effect online.”, Her heart usually goes out for V-day, of course, but also for marriage proposals, birthdays, anniversaries and sometimes even apologies, “There was a guy who had done something that really ticked off his fiancé, and she had broken up with him,” Larrea says, “So he booked me for an apology, I went in with, mens ballet shoes ‘This is from your fiancé, Brad, who says he’s SO sorry! He would love it if you called him!’..

“The girl kind of rolled her eyes like, ‘OK, what’s he done now.’ But she seemed less angry, so maybe it helped.”. Another time, she was hired to sing — and no, not dressed as a dancing spleen, but that would be kinda awesome — to a nurse on duty at a hospital. When Larrea arrived, the nurse was occupied – helping deliver a baby. So Larrea waited for the birth, sitting in the waiting room with the family of the woman having the child. “They were like, ‘Are you here to sing to the new baby?’ I told them no, I was actually there for the nurse. I think they were a little disappointed.”.

Yet another time, she was booked to sing to a dentist at his office, “When I got there, he was in the middle of a cleaning, and he just didn’t stop,” she says, “I thought that was odd, I mean, here’s the patient with his mouth wide open and I’m belting out a song, Guess those teeth really needed cleaning.”, Then there was the infamous pool incident at a birthday party, “I was in my mens ballet shoes cute little tuxedo and singing ‘I Get a Kick Out of You.’ He was pretty drunk, and he got me up on the diving board,” she says, “Plus I think he was just embarrassed, and instead of running away — which a lot of ‘em do — he pushed me in the pool right in the middle of my song, It was like, ‘I get a kick out of’ … push … splash.”..

And many do run away. Usually just leaving a room and coming right back, though. Not this guy. Larrea was hired to sing for a Silicon Valley exec, dressed as Carmen Miranda — Larrea, not the exec — in his office building. His girlfriend had gone to quite a lot of trouble, setting it up with coworkers, sneaking in a cake. The moment came, candles were lit, everyone was gathered around. “I walk in with my maracas with a big, ‘Hello, birthday boy!’ He turned red as a lobster and walks down the hall. We could see the parking lot from the window, and we’re all just standing there, amazed, watching him walk to his car, get in and drive away. He drove away! I’ve never had anyone do that before.

Winter is coming, and it’s got jazz hands, people, If you’re a theater geek and a “Game of Thrones” devotee, we’ve just found your Super Bowl, The creators of the “Lost” musical and the “Once Upon a Time” rock opera have teamed up to create the uber parody, “Game of Thrones: The Musical.” We’re talking “A Song of Nice Satire.” And if you need your mind blown any harder, there is actually another “Thrones” musical in L.A, right now, “Thrones! mens ballet shoes The Musical Parody” (it’s also playing in Chicago), When it rains wildfire, it pours..

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