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Tuesday morning jurors found Antolin Garcia-Torres guilty of randomly abducting and killing the 15-year-old girl on her way to school in Morgan Hill, even though her body has never been found. That same jury could now recommend the death penalty for Garcia-Torres. Scattered amongst the blow-by-blow descriptions of the murder trial by news reporters, and sketches from the courtroom artist, Twitter is also filled with cherished thoughts from LaMar’s friends and those who probably never met her but who mourned her unfortunate fate just the same.

People like “jennifer:”, — jennifer (@rushbabetoo) April 26, 2017, There are countless tributes, like this one from “nanccy,” that hang there in cyberspace, stuck for all time in an aching state of suspension, — nance (@nanceexx8) March 24, 2017, On a Facebook page called Help Find Sierra LaMar, where 3,520 people clicked ”Like,” the girl’s face is everywhere – on color snapshots, on the reward poster offering $35,000 for information leading to her return, and on an easel in a meeting room where volunteers would gather before and after they went out in search of the teenager, Supporters and pointe shoe fitting chart well-wishers from around the world lent their support..

“Been following this story since the beginning.over in Ireland.thanks,” wrote Tracy Geoghegan, asking for a link to more photos of LaMar. There is findsierralamar.com, a website set up by friends and family members shortly after the girl vanished. The site is filled with sorrow, much of it described in red-italic notes and intimate details of friendship from those who loved her the most. “Can’t stop thinking about you,” wrote a friend named Jocelyn Del Rio. “I miss you SOOO much words can’t even explain. Miss walking into first period and us smiling at each other, having our talks after school while we were waiting for the bus, when I was crying and you gave me a hug, and I cried even more. When we would tell each other our problems and give each other advice, when you told me I made your day for telling you I thought you were beautiful, I miss you so much. I LOVE YOU!!”.

The site’s creators thanked the community for its “support, volunteer efforts, and donations,” and it’s difficult to read and to think back on how hopeful everyone was in 2012 that LaMar would turn up safe and sound, “Your efforts are KEEPING HOPE ALIVE for Sierra’s safe return to her loved ones who are waiting with open arms pointe shoe fitting chart & hearts,” her family wrote to any and all visitors who found their way to the website, In a section called “Get to know Sierra,” her family shared a portfolio of photographs of Sierra – as a little girl holding a flower and riding a merry-go-round, and as a selfie-loving teenager with the brightest of smiles that light up the frame..

And, again, the hope back then seemed boundless as her loved ones described the girl in present tense. “Sierra is a loving friend, sister, daughter and inspiration to everyone who has gotten the chance to meet her. She is a confident teenager who stands up for not only herself but others as well. At times she may put on the tough girl act but really she is a very compassionate and motivated young girl. She likes to help those in need and isn’t afraid to branch out of her inner circle. She loves to dance and cheer making everyone who watches her smile. Most of all, Sierra can make almost anyone laugh and loves being a goof. She is a sophomore in high school and still has so much to contribute to this world, so let’s bring her home!!!”.

And then around August of 2012, as that pointe shoe fitting chart same hope seems to slowly wither, the comments stop coming, This one, from Kim, reads like a final farewell, “I hope they find you, Your faith is so tragic and unfair, How could anyone just do this to a beautiful person such as yourself, I remember being 15, when the world is still so unknown and new, Your whole life is ahead of you and the last this on your mind is being kidnapped, I hope they find you Sierra you don’t in anyway deserve this.”..

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