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“It’s not ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’, but it’s close,” Gray said. Each couple arrived for the fun-filled day at the park early, in costume, before being whisked away to the makeup building to get a full zombie face makeover from the Fright Fest makeup team. After a quick rehearsal it was time for the big moment. Lead by a large gargoyle, the procession of zombified couples made their way around the blood spewing, skeleton covered fountain in the middle of the park. “Dearly beheaded … I mean beloved,” said Padré Kirk Smith, also the park’s Director of Marketing and Sales as he officiated the ceremony.

The nuptials included most of the typical elements of a traditional wedding with vows, rings and a first kiss but really amped up the thrill department when the couples went right from the ceremony to hop on The Joker roller coaster for their first ride as newlyweds, A large group reception followed with cake, a toast and pointe shoe ribbon placement a first dance before the crowd was released into the park to enjoy the frights by night during Fright Fest, complete with wristbands to the scare houses for the couples and 13 guests..

“My grandson told me three days ago and I didn’t think it would be like this. It’s beautiful. It’s fun for them and they looked great,” said Alicia Correa, Brandon’s grandma. Many attending the wedding donned respiratory masks, as smoke from the nearby wildfires still lingered in the air. “As an event planned well before the devastating wildfires affecting the North Bay, the park is choosing to host the event for the couples and their guests in the hope it brings some joy and needed distraction from the current events,” Six Flags stated in a press release.

Newish musicals have a tendency to make the rounds of local theaters as the rights become available, There’s something encouraging about the fact that one of the current wave of those is a musical about a mid-1980s coal miners’ strike, full of anthemic songs about solidarity and a particularly peppy one mocking former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, It probably helps that the main character is an pointe shoe ribbon placement 11-year-old boy who just wants to dance, Winner of 10 Tony Awards including best Musical and Best Book of a Musical, “Billy Elliot the Musical” is a 2005 stage adaptation of the 2000 British movie of the same name (minus “the Musical,” that is), Lee Hall, author of the film’s screenplay, wrote the book and lyrics of the musical, The music is by pop superstar Elton John, whose style is much better suited to this material than his other stage musical that premiered the same year, “Lestat.”..

“Billy Elliot” centers around a boy with a lot of raw natural talent and passion for ballet, a pursuit he only falls into because he stumbles into the wrong class one day after his boxing lesson. To say his father and the other rough-mannered miners of the moribund northern English town are less than supportive of his extracurricular activity would be an understatement. I say “extracurricular” assuming Billy does in fact go to school, though curiously that never comes up in the show, even though his desire to apply to ballet school is a plot point.

For a show about a dance prodigy, you really have to cast a kid pointe shoe ribbon placement that can dance, and Contra Costa Musical Theatre has certainly done that with its production at Walnut Creek’s Lesher Center for the Arts, Virginia-based 14-year-old Braden King, who’s played the role a couple times before, has some wonderful dance sequences in director-choreographer Jennifer Perry’s high-energy staging, He also touchingly captures the character’s withdrawn aimlessness after the death of his mother (a beatific Josselyn O’Neill, who appears to Billy from time to time)..

Lynda DiVito is amusingly blase as dance teacher Mrs. Wilkinson, who’s just going through the motions herding overenthusiastic girls in tutus till Billy startles her with his unexpected aptitude. Vince Perry has a sympathetic journey from gruff antagonism to bewildered devotion as Billy’s dad, while Michael Doppe remains prickly and anger-fueled as older brother Tony. Deborah Black is entertainingly dotty as the Grandma who’s always searching for the stale-at-best baked goods she’s hidden around the house, and 12-year-old Chris Contrares is winningly exuberant as Billy’s cross-dressing buddy Michael.

The songs are an eclectic collection of stirring odes to workers’ collective strength, fluffy pointe shoe ribbon placement confections about just being you and a few touching bittersweet ballads, all deftly played by the unseen orchestra under the direction of Eryn Allen, The cast does well both with the songs and with the thick Northern accents (kudos to dialect coach Lynne Soffer), With warehouse windows and skeletal stairways and catwalks, Kelly James Tighe’s set gives a taste of the bleak surroundings of the mining town..

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