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Manzano toured the downtown museum in all its purple glory earlier in the day and marveled at all the actual discovering that was going on. “We don’t have to carry children their whole journey,” she said. “All we have to do is point them in certain directions and watch them fly. That is certainly what the children’s discovery museum is doing.”. The crowd of about 800 people at the San Jose McEnery Convention Center agreed, giving Manzano a standing ovation. The night took quite a fun turn when San Jose band Smash Mouth was introduced as the evening’s surprise entertainment. Now, the band has been around for more than 20 years and was definitely appreciated by those of us in a certain age group. But what surprised me was how many teenagers at the dinner were dancing along to the music. Maybe Steve Harwell and the guys are developing a whole new generation of fans, too. Jimmy Fallon putting a “Star Wars” twist to the band’s hit “All-Star” a couple of weeks ago on “The Tonight Show” sure couldn’t have hurt.

And everyone was thrilled when a larger-than-life version of the Count showed up on stage, dancing to Smash Mouth music and helping count the fundraising, It was a big job, too, The event brought in $1.3 million, SICILIAN COWBOY RETURNS: One of the special guests at last week’s Italian American Heritage Foundation luncheon was “Shorty Joe” Quartuccio, San Jose’s legendary singing Sicilian cowboy and Radio KEEN’s first country western disc jockey, He and wife Jennie now live with their daughter, Joanne, in Sacramento, If the last name seems familiar, that’s because his nephew, Anthony Quartuccio, still does the family name proud in San Jose when are pointe shoes dead as a musician and conductor..

Back in the 1940s and 1950s, Shorty Joe and his Red Rock Canyon Cowboys performed as the house band at the old Tracy Gardens dance hall, on the site of today’s Macy’s Valley Fair. The band backed up country stars like Hank Williams, Bob Wills, Kitty Wells and Ernest Tubb when they came to town. Even at 93, he’s still in fine voice and proved it by wrapping up his career recap at the luncheon by singing one of his compositions, “In Santa Clara Valley Round Ole San Jose.”.

Related ArticlesEditorial: Caltrain gets big win with electrification fundingIn a stunning reversal, the Federal Transit when are pointe shoes dead Administration said Monday that it will approve a $647 million grant to electrify Caltrain tracks, nearly doubling capacity on the overburdened San Jose to San Francisco commute route, The approval comes after months of delays and worries by Caltrain officials and Bay Area leaders that the Trump administration would cancel the grant, If the funding hadn’t been approved by June 30, the $2 billion track electrification project would have lost key construction contracts..

The electrification work will mean faster and more reliable trains on a 51-mile stretch of the Caltrain corridor along the Peninsula, offering more than 110,000 rides per day, up from 60,000. The project will also create 10,000 jobs in California and around the country. The first electric trains are expected to be in service by early 2021, if not sooner, and construction on the project should start in 60 to 90 days. “This news, quite clearly, is electrifying,” said Silicon Valley Leadership Group CEO Carl Guardino. “This is all the major holidays wrapped into one with a beautiful Caltrain bow around it.”.

Bay Area officials have been advocating for the electrification project for decades, and the federal grant was near its final approval under the Obama administration, But after Donald Trump took office, Transportation Sec, Elaine Chao declined to sign off on it, Just last week, Chao told members of Congress that she couldn’t approve the grant — technically, the “full funding grant agreement” — because she didn’t have all of the necessary funding, But the FTA said Monday it would approve the funding agreement with additional funding amounts when are pointe shoes dead “subject to the Congressional Appropriations process during future years.”..

The federal agency said it would release $100 million appropriated by Congress this year, and commit the rest in future Congressional appropriations. The remaining two-thirds of the project funding will come from state and local budgets. The news took San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo by surprise. “I did not predict this,” he said in an interview Monday. “I’m thrilled to witness the triumph of sound policy over senseless politics. There’s not a project in the United States that’s more shovel-ready than this one.”.

The grant had divided California’s congressional delegation, Republicans opposed it, arguing it would help the state’s high-speed rail project while Democrats vocally supported the grant, “This is a win for everyone involved,” Sen, Dianne Feinstein, D-California, said in a statement, “Caltrain’s fleet of diesel when are pointe shoes dead trains are at the end of their useful life, Now is the time to replace these outdated, dirty diesel trains with a cleaner, modern electric fleet.”..

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