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Look at the festival landscape now, though. FYF Fest and Electric Daisy Carnival arrived in Los Angeles in the mid-aughts, both of them quickly winning die-hard fans of their programming of rock and hip-hop at FYF and electronic dance music at EDC, which eventually relocated to Las Vegas. But their success, and the rapid growth of Coachella — which expanded its capacity to accommodate 125,000 people per day and sells out within hours no matter the lineup — paved the way for the festival scene to explode.

This year pointe shoes for beginners amazon alone we’ve had announcements of new festivals such as the Arroyo Seco Weekend, which brings classic and indie acts to the park that surrounds the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, the Classic West, which features acts such as Fleetwood Mac and the Eagles at Dodger Stadium, as well as odder offerings such as the Blackest of the Black Festival, a heavy metal fest curated by Glenn Danzig in Silverado Canyon, and When We Were Young, an indie and punk rock affair this weekend at the Observatory in Santa Ana..

Add to that fests that launched in the last year or two or three – Sabroso at Doheny State Beach this weekend, Kaaboo Del Mar in September and It’s Not Dead in San Bernardino — and one has to wonder whether we’ve reached a saturation point for fans and festival creators alike. “I don’t mind all the extra festivals,” says Bahou, 34, of Temecula. “More opportunities to see more music? I’m all for it.”. Gary Bongiovanni, editor-in-chief of the concert industry trade magazine Pollstar, has tracked the proliferation of music festivals from Coachella to the present.

“There are many more festivals today,” he agrees, “Coachella was in a way a reaction to the festival scene in Europe, where the concert business is all about the outdoor festivals.“They tried to replicate what they had in Europe at places like pointe shoes for beginners amazon Glastonbury and it proved to be extremely successful, and (a concept) that got replicated all over the map,” he says, Getting there first, and creating a successful template for the music festival as a destination event helped Coachella lock down many advantages that other festivals struggle to match, Goldenvoice’s control of the polo grounds in Indio where the festival has always been held is significant, not just because it provides stability that other fests don’t get at leased locations, but also because it’s allowed Goldenvoice to refine the festival experience in ways beyond simply booking a killer lineup..

“For a festival to be ultimately successful they have to have a great site that people like going to,” Bongiovannni says. “If it’s not that, they’re almost entirely dependent on the quality of the lineup they’re able to book, and that can vary from year to year. “Coachella has become spring break in the desert,” he says. Jon Halperin, the talent buyer for Music Tastes Good, which made its debut on the local festival circuit in Long Beach last year, worked at Coachella, doing everything from transportation to merchandising, from 2001 through last year. Though Josh Fischel, who founded Music Tastes Good, died a few days after the inaugural fest, Halperin and a handful of others will bring it back this fall, believing it fills a niche in the festival market that others overlook.

“This festival wasn’t created to compete with Coachella or FYF or the Observatory festivals,” Halperin says, “It was to bring music to Long Beach, It wasn’t, ‘Hey, let’s try to compete with the big boys!’”, Halperin says that because Long pointe shoes for beginners amazon Beach is often skipped by bands playing Los Angeles or Orange County, and because Music Tastes Good also featured a variety of higher-end food and drink offerings, it carved out its own spot on the menu of festivals, which is key to survival, “If everyone is doing their own thing, every one has their own feel, and if people are going after their own demographics I don’t see much of an issue,” he says, “I think we can all coexist for the most part.”..

Halperin has worked in the past as a talent booker for clubs such as the Glass House in Pomona and Chain Reaction in Anaheim, and that experience gives him insight into one way in which the music festival explosion might hurt the choices music fans are provided.“The only real downside is that you’re going to get bands that are playing these festivals that aren’t playing the clubs, and you wanted to see them there,” he says. “And if there’s more festivals, there might be fewer club shows.”.

Festival promoter John Reese was doing European festivals in the ’80s and ’90s and calls Paul Tollett, the president and CEO of Goldenvoice, a visionary for bringing that model the United States and making it a success at Coachella even after a few rough years at the start, “I think there’s definitely a saturation right now, especially for big festivals,” Reese says, “That’s the last thing my company would try to pointe shoes for beginners amazon take on, We’re in the niche festival business, speaking to a very specific audience.”..

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