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Related ArticlesIvanka Trump’s latest brand coup: Three new China trademarks on day she met President XiIvanka Trump: young women, her target constituency, don’t like her much, new poll showsIvanka Trump’s using White House power to promote fashion brand, San Francisco retailer allegesNEW YORK (AP) — Retailers are doing a delicate dance when it comes to handling the Ivanka Trump brand. Here’s a list of some of the retailers who offer the brand and those who have scaled back or dropped the label.

AMAZON: Carries a diverse assortment of products, BUY BUY BABY: The baby accessories chain owned by Bed, Bath & Beyond says that it will carry Ivanka Trump baby products in some stores where justified by demand, The products including diaper bags have disappeared from its online site, BELK INC, Carries Ivanka Trump products in its stores but no longer online, BURLINGTON COAT FACTORY: Quietly removed Ivanka Trump products on its website in February but still carries them in its stores, DILLARD’S: Carries clothes pointe shoes research and accessories..

LORD & TAYLOR: Carries clothes, shoes and other accessories. MACY’S INC.: Both Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s carry clothes, shoes and other accessories. NEIMAN MARCUS: No longer carries Ivanka Trump high-end jewelry collection because the brand has phased out the line in favor of a more affordable collection. NORDSTROM INC.: Will no longer carry the brand’s clothing and accessories after the spring selling period because it says sales had declined. PERFUMANIA: Carries Ivanka Trump fragrances.

One of the reasons we love our colleagues at TwinCities.com (in addition to their obsession pointe shoes research with county fair food) is their yearly Peeps diorama contest, We’re importing their Midwest humor to share with our Bay Area readers, You might think that tiny marshmallow bunnies are always cute, You would be wrong, The Pioneer Press Peeps Diorama Contest entries show a growing number of serious themes — ranging from political commentary to tributes to the dead to commemorations of historic events..

Could it be that Peeps, in the contest’s 14th year, are evolving into a legitimate artistic medium?. This year there were plenty of frivolous pop-culture entries depicting movies, TV shows and books. But the entries included 11 related to various political marches and four honoring deceased hometown hero Prince. Click here if you’re having trouble viewing the photo gallery on your mobile device. Six were apparently pro-Trump, or at least respectful. Two were opposed. One showed the spirits of dead people ascending into heaven, and another depicted the Dakota pipeline protest.

Jill Schaefer of Minnetonka was not joking when she used Peeps to memorialize the 90,000-person women’s march in St, Paul on Jan, 21, “It was super-moving to me — so many people coming out and speaking pointe shoes research their mind,” said Schaefer, “I am commemorating an important event in history, It was so impressive.”, As another sign of an evolving art form, Peeps artists have begun to debate about their craft, Some say it’s best to let the Peeps grow stale and hard, others say fresh Peeps are the best for use in art..

“Peeps are very sticky to work with. But they tend to get wrinkled when they are stale,” said Rod Bland of St. Paul, who received honorable mention with a DNA-themed diorama. As an artist, he’s searching for the perfectly aged Peep. “There is a sweet-spot in there somewhere,” he said. “Moby Peep,” by Katie Ramsayer of Washington, D.C. In this marshmallow masterpiece, Moby bursts through the waves in his mini-marshmallow glory, lanced with toothpicks hand-dyed in walnut stain. Captain Ahab, one leg replaced by a peg leg, commands the pursuit boat, as Queequeg and other crew members cower in fear.

At least, it’s probably fear, Bunnies aren’t good at revealing their emotions, Starbuck, one of the characters in the book, has a barista apron from the coffee-chain Starbucks, Chick-shaped Peeps hover overhead, carrying a banner like a couple of angels from heaven, Ramsayer’s attention to detail is impeccable: A ship in the background is 2 inches long, with a single Peep-speck as a captain, and a figurehead the size of a rice-grain, “We definitely pointe shoes research wanted to stay away from politics,” said Helen Fields, a friend of Ramsayer’s who helped with the project, “But I do have a whale obsession.”..

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