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The woman told the officers that a man she didn’t know pulled a gun on her, according to the video. During the interview, officers pointed out Almena, who is seen walking through the Wendy’s parking lot across street. When, they asked if he had the gun, she answers that he was “the guy that called the guy with the gun.”. The officers cross the street, turning their attention to Almena. Low begins his interview by referencing the number of times he has responded to calls at the Ghost Ship, as Almena explains the problem he has with tenants refusing to move out. The master tenant then says another officer who responded a day earlier advised him to shut down his warehouse.

“Yeah, I think we are going to have to,” Low said, “(The officer) asked you to shut it down or we are going to shut it down? Because we’re just coming here too many times, It’s causing us too many problems, Are you guys even legally allowed to stay here?”, Almena, who began renting the space in November 2013, according to records, responds that he doesn’t live there and stayed the previous night only to protect his property, The officers next question people outside about whether they live at the warehouse, One man tells the officers he pays $550 in rent, Two officers briefly walk inside the Ghost Ship, but their movements are showtime brand dance shoes blurred as part of redactions made by officials who released the body camera footage..

“We are not kicking anybody out because they all claim they live there, they rent there,” Low tells Almena minutes later. “From prior calls that I’ve been here, they live there, they rent there, that’s a fact.”. Throughout the videos, which span more than one hour, officers repeatedly question Almena about why he hasn’t used the proper court civil process to evict tenants. One officer recommends he call his landlord, Chor Ng, or her family, to settle the dispute.

Hours later, around 9 p.m, police arrive again, this time called by Almena who claims a tenant is inside and possibly armed with a gun, according to another set of body cam videos, Almena refuses to let officers inside to conduct a security check, upsetting one officer whose voice grows louder when she learns his young children are in the building, “His showtime brand dance shoes kids are in there?” the officer gasps, “Again, I am dumbfounded.”, At the request of the officers, Almena and his wife put the kids in the family’s car and promise to take them somewhere else for the night..

The impressive white-domed building across from St. James Park in downtown San Jose has been sitting empty and fenced off for decades, but 40 years ago it enjoyed a brief stint as the Palace of Performing Arts. There, hundreds of South Bay suburban kids got their first taste not only of performing on stage but also of the grittier aspects of urban life. POPA, as it was affectionately known, became the rehearsal hall for Children’s Musical Theater San Jose, and its open doors often attracted some of the more colorful denizens of St. James Park.

“Nobody wanted to use the downstairs bathroom,” showtime brand dance shoes recalls Mary Theresa Capriles, who performed with Children’s Musical Theater in the early ’80s, “You never knew who you’d find down there.”, Now in its 50th season, Children’s Musical Theater has come a long way from those humble beginnings, The company has seen more than 50,000 young performers participate in 364 shows, and its rehearsal space in Midtown San Jose also houses set and costume shops, as well as space for classes that cover everything from nailing auditions to becoming a triple-threat performer..

The centerpiece of the company’s 50th anniversary season is next month’s production of “Disney’s Newsies the Musical.” Children’s Musical Theater is the first nonprofessional company to stage the hit Broadway show. No bad for a company that was started by a teenager in a Camden Avenue garage. In 1968, when John P. Healy Jr. was 17, he moved his 15-member troupe from his parents’ garage to the bingo hall at nearby St. Francis Cabrini School, where they staged “Hansel and Gretel” as the first production of the Cabrini Community Theater. The company became San Jose Children’s Musical Theater in 1970 and continued to grow, in no small part because of its policy to cast every young person age 6-20 who tries out.

“Part of the magic is having a place for showtime brand dance shoes every kid who auditions,” says Stacy Trujillo, whose first show with the company was “Godspell” in 1990, “It makes it really inclusive.”, That feeling of inclusion inspired both Trujillo and Capriles to stay involved with the theater into adulthood and to pass along their love of musical theater to their children, Trujillo serves on the company’s board of directors, and her two children have been in numerous shows, most recently appearing in this month’s “Fiddler on the Roof Jr.” with other performers ages 8-15..

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