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Ng’s email was in response to Harris’ attempts to lease defendant Omar Vega’s Custom O’s auto body shop next door, so that the artist collective could gain access to the electrical panel and “ensure there are no more blackouts due to combined overexertion across the 3 warehouse units.”. PG&E’s inclusion in the Ghost Ship fire lawsuit comes just as the utility nears a final settlement in a lawsuit over the fatal San Bruno pipeline explosion that killed eight people in 2010. A $90 million shareholder settlement making its way through San Mateo County Superior Court is the last remaining legal proceeding in that incident.

In a region that prides itself on disrupting the status quo, Cellista is celebrating the legacy of the original toddler ballet shoes near me disrupters, With the Great War still bogged down in the trenches on the Western front, the polymathic savant Jean Cocteau premiered his ballet “Parade” in Paris on May 17, 1917, The production featured music by Erik Satie, Pablo Picasso-designed costumes and sets, and Léonide Massine’s choreography for Sergei Diaghilev’s Ballets Russes, It was the work for which Guillaume Apollinaire, writing in the program notes, coined the term “surrealism.” Talk about a dream team..

With “Finding San Jose,” Cellista (aka cellist, composer, director and performance artist Freya Seeburger) has crafted what she calls a “multidisciplinary stage poem” that pays tribute to Cocteau’s seminal production. An initial version of the work premiered last October to a sold-out audience in San Francisco, and an expanded version gets its San Jose premiere at Japantown’s Akiyama Wellness Center, where it opens a three-night run May 18. The shows include a screening of Brian Favorite’s short documentary “Cellista” and an opening set by recently formed San Francisco roots rock band the Blind Bandits.

Connecting a signature work of the early 20th century avant-garde to the churning engine of the 21st century’s digital revolution might seem like a stretch, But for Cellista, who moved to her adopted hometown from Paris in 2010, “San Jose feels reminiscent of the pastiche world of Cocteau, The surrealists were going toddler ballet shoes near me across disciplines, and I like the idea of juxtaposing elements and disciplines, ‘Finding San Jose’ evokes different neighborhoods and spirits, bringing them next to each other but not forcing them to be unified.”..

Part of what made “Parade” almost as revolutionary as Ballets Russes’s earlier masterpiece “The Rite of Spring” is that Cocteau brought popular entertainment into the theater, with a plot that incorporated music halls, silent film and ragtime, a stark departure for the rarefied world of ballet. “They brought the street into the theater,” says Cellista, who was born and raised near Boulder, Colorado. “I love the idea that you reflect the present-day truth in your work.”. She released her score for “Finding San Jose” last year on an album of the same name, and the music paints an affectionately bittersweet portrait of a city in the throes of relentless change. Most of the tracks are Cellista originals and feature her incantatory cello and lapidary sound design (including vocal percussion by Emcee Infinite, spoken word interludes, and other strings), though she also covers a song by former Pixies frontman Frank Black and a movement from Olivier Messiaen’s “Quartet for the End of Time.”.

While clearly intrigued by the brave new world, Cellista also keenly evokes the city’s rapidly receding past, like on “Used to Be Orchards,” a title she gleaned from an artist’s display she “stumbled on at San Jose’s Kaleid Art Gallery.” She even includes an almost unrecognizable arrangement of Burt Bacharach’s “Do You Know the Way to San Jose” with new lyrics by Silicon Valley hip-hop artist and educator Dem One (Demone Carter), Partly funded by a Kickstarter campaign, “the album slowly but surely came together, with so many collaborators coming from different places,” Cellista says, “My strength might be curating content, A lot of those tracks, the interludes, I recorded toddler ballet shoes near me myself when I couldn’t sleep at night, It was conceived to serve as a soundtrack for a multimedia piece.”..

For the Akiyama Wellness Center run she’s reassembled her creatively charged team, including filmmaker Jennifer Gigantino, and choreographers Lilith Ransom; Mojo DeVille, of performance troupe Haus Serpens Cabaret; and Lauren Baines, who created the dance set to the Messiaen movement. A San Jose native with degrees from Santa Clara University and Mills College, Baines moved back to the South Bay, where she works as assistant director at Santa Clara University’s de Saisset Museum. She’s also set to launch her Lauren Baines Dance/Theatre company with an evening-length work “Something About Chairs (a seat at the table /a seat of one’s own)” June 3 at Theatre on San Pedro Square.

Like Cellista, she’s committed to building a performance arts scene in a city where she sees great potential, “The visual arts have toddler ballet shoes near me really found a stronghold, but performance is somehow forgotten,” Baines says, “Freya is bringing multiple disciplines together and giving us so much license to create, She’s letting artists be artists, creating space for those intersections to happen, and in the process we really are finding San Jose.”, Contact Andrew Gilbert at, Presents “Finding San Jose”..

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