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NEW YORK (AP) — “Big Bang Theory” star Jim Parsons has married longtime partner Todd Spiewak. Parsons’ publicist, Jillian Roscoe, has confirmed reports from People magazine and the New York Post that Parsons and Spiewak married Saturday night at the Rainbow Room restaurant in New York’s Rockefeller Center. Parsons posted a picture on Instagram on Monday of himself and Spiewak holding hands while walking down the aisle in tuxedos. He also posted a shot of the newlyweds heading out for their first dance.

STANFORD — Amid an array of ballet slipper necklace charm handmade headdresses, beaded jewelry and traditional fry bread, thousands of Native Americans paid homage to their heritage Saturday during the 46th Annual Stanford Powwow, The powwow is the university’s largest multicultural event, the largest student-run powwow in the country and one of the largest powwows on the West Coast, according to the Stanford American Indian Organization and the Stanford Powwow Planning Committee, which organized the event, It’s a big tradition for Katherine Shirley, a San Francisco resident who attended with her entire family, Shirley, 80, belongs to the Chilkat Indian Village in Klukwan, Alaska..

“We’re proud, proud people. We love being amongst our own people,” she said. “I just love the dancing and everything.”. The gatherings — marked annually by Native Americans throughout the U.S. — are an opportunity for people to join in dance and song, while renewing friendships and celebrating the rich culture of American Indians. Activities on Saturday included a “Fun Run,” dance and drum performances, exhibitions, contests and social dances, among other activities. Vendors sold handmade jewelry, dream catchers, clothing, and other arts and crafts.

Sergio Martinez, an indigenous weaver who splits his time between his native Oaxaca and Sacramento, stood amid a large collection of his own handmade ballet slipper necklace charm rugs, which he dyes using vegetables and other plants, Martinez, who is Zapotec, an indigenous people from Mexico, said he wants to continue the tribe’s centuries-old weaving tradition, “I come from a village where everyone weaved, This village is one of the oldest villages in the country,” he said, “I try to keep this old tradition alive.”..

Martinez, 54, has attended powwows for many years in the U.S. and Mexico. “I love it because it allows people to keep alive their beliefs and teach the new generation the value of their identity,” he said. For many, the event was an opportunity to honor the Indian community’s women on Mother’s Day weekend. Palo Alto resident Karin Forssell and her 12-year-old daughter, Annika, attend each year as part of their own Mother’s Day tradition. “It’s a combination of the culture, the dancing, and the food and the shopping, just in time for Mother’s Day,” said Forssell.

High school proms have come a long way from the days teens pulled their nicest outfits out of the closet and showed up at the decorated high school gym, These days, high school students and their families are digging deep into their wallets for dresses that can cost as much as $800 and tickets for the dance itself that sometimes top $100 at ballet slipper necklace charm venues like San Francisco City Hall or Oakland’s Rotunda Building, They’re working with consultants at formal wear shops to find just the right dress, and creating social media groups created to ensure no one else will don the same one..

Related ArticlesHayward teen’s $15 homemade prom dress is a hitBut it doesn’t stop there. All that happens after many are swept off their feet in elaborate “promposals” — the term coined for asking someone to the prom. Those can be pricey affairs themselves, with some students spending upward of $300 to woo their potential date. The high school prom has become a big business that can eat a big hole in the family budget. In a study conducted by Visa Inc., the average prom-going teen spent almost $1,000 on the event in 2014 and 2015. Costs include attire, limousine or car rentals, tickets, flowers, pictures, food, accommodations, the “promposal” and an after party, to name a few.

Danny Phomvilay, 17, a senior at Richmond High School, is saving some costs by not renting a car or limo, but he’s still forking over about $650, including a new suit and the $85 that prom tickets cost for those who didn’t buy them early in the year at $65 ballet slipper necklace charm a pop, As for the costs, Danny said, “it’s frustrating, But I saved a lot so that I can have a nice prom, This is like a last goodbye for seniors.”, Ivan Hernandez, 17, another senior at Richmond, had similar thoughts, “It’s a once-in-a-lifetime thing,” he said, explaining that a suit, tickets and the cost of sharing a car rental to take him and friends to the prom venue — the Rotunda Building in Oakland — will cost him a few hundred bucks..

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