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In 1962, Rauschenberg turned to screenprinting after learning about the technique from Andy Warhol. His own photographs and other graphics began to fill panels large and small. The social and political turmoil of the 1960s, as well as the Vietnam War, edged into his work. The overlapping, overpainted multiple images can be dizzying. As Rauschenberg once said, “I have a peculiar kind of focus. I tend to see everything in sight.”. These works include both the large-scale “Retroactive I” (1963) with its images of President Kennedy, the space program and an overpainted gray cloud, and “Hiccups” (1978), a series of 97 small image-transferred works on paper, attached side-by-side with zippers and filling an entire gallery.

OAKLAND — Families of the victims of the Ghost Ship fire will have to wait a little longer for a criminal court hearing against those being held responsible for the deaths in the tragic inferno, The much-anticipated preliminary hearing for the criminal proceedings of two former Ghost Ship tenants, Derick Almena and Max Harris, who are each charged with 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter for the deaths of 36 people attending a dance party on Dec, 2, 2016, was postponed until Wednesday, The hearing, which was assigned to a department at the Rene C, what are pointe shoes Davidson courthouse in Oakland Monday morning, was moved because the judge in that department is out sick..

Some family members of the victims were present Monday, including Maria Vega, the mother of Alex Vega, 22, who died in the arms of his girlfriend Michela Gregory, whose family was also present. “It feels like it just happened yesterday,” Maria Vega said, with tears in her eyes. She spoke Monday beside Alex Vega’s brother, Alberto. The two said they never got an apology from the city, and want to hear one from Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf. “I want someone to be held responsible,” she said.

Outside the courtroom, Almena’s attorney Tony Serra and Harris’ attorney Curtis Briggs what are pointe shoes also spoke to media, “We are anxious to move forward,” Briggs said, He said he looks forward to debunking the idea that his client, Harris, promoted the party, He placed blame on the owners of the warehouse, “It’s finally an opportunity for us to get to the bottom of the truth,” Briggs said, The preliminary hearing is expected to last five days, and will be the first time an Alameda County Superior Court judge hears the prosecution’s evidence against Almena and Harris before deciding if they should stand trial..

(Click here if you’re having trouble viewing this photo gallery or videos on a mobile device.). By John Woodrow Cox | Washington Post. LAS VEGAS — The varsity cheerleaders had just finished practice when Natalia Baca stepped out into the school parking lot and spotted a tall, dark-haired teenager holding a bouquet of multicolored sunflowers. “Will you go to homecoming with me?” he said as she approached with her identical twin, Gianna, who had helped orchestrate the moment. Natalia pressed both hands against her cheeks and grinned, because no one had ever asked her to the dance before.

“Yes,” Natalia answered, already imagining what what are pointe shoes she would look like in her open-back, iridescent white dress that flashed shades of pink and blue in the sunlight, They hugged and talked for a few minutes before she and Gianna had to go, The seniors, age 17, were running late for a country music concert, The Las Vegas sun had long faded beneath a distant mountain range on that first day in October, so the twins hurried back inside Faith Lutheran High to change clothes, Jason Aldean, Natalia’s favorite singer, was scheduled to perform the final set at that weekend’s Route 91 Harvest festival..

It was a Sunday, a school night, so most people in the crowd of 22,000 would be adults, but some kids would be there, too, including 10 students from Faith, a private Christian academy in an affluent community of gated neighborhoods nine miles west of the Strip. And in that evening’s earliest moments, before the gunman high above them pulled the trigger, the twins and their classmates were eager for the week ahead — first the music, then the homecoming dress-up days, the silly lip-sync competition, the pep rally, the football game and, at last, on Saturday, the dance.

About the time Natalia said yes in the parking lot, Faith juniors Shae Turner and Delaney what are pointe shoes Sylvester settled in 50 yards from the stage, right of the catwalk, on the side nearest Las Vegas Boulevard and the Mandalay Bay Resort, The morning before, Shae had posted a photo to Instagram from Friday night, In it, the two girls each posed with one hand positioned on a hip so their purple festival bracelets, that weekend’s status symbol, would be in view, The best friends, both in brown cowboy boots, stood with their backs to the neon-lit stage, eyes bright and smiles radiant, They’d each turned 17 just weeks before, Beneath the image, Shae wrote a caption: “country music makes us happy #route91.”..

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