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Of course, this shouldn’t really surprise anyone who’s been paying attention over the years – especially in the Album of the Year category. The last hip-hop album to take home that prize was OutKast’s “Speakerboxxx/The Love Below” in 2004. In the meantime, we’ve seen Arcade Fire top Eminem, Daft Punk best Kendrick Lamar and Herbie Hancock, U2 and others topple Kanye West, etc. 3. James Corden is not funny. How many times did the average person mutter — “Well, this is awkward” — as he/she watched Corden blather on during the show? The over/under has to be right around a dozen. His skits weren’t funny. His banter was dull. And he definitely lacked charisma and confidence.

In other words, bring back L.L, Cool J, 4, Too much U2, How much U2 are we supposed to take? The band had not one, not two – but three different spots on the telecast, Bono and The Edge showed up during Lamar’s performance, which opened the Grammy telecast, Then the band did a satellite gig, playing from a barge on the Hudson River, with the Statue of Liberty in the background, Then Bono and The Edge returned to present the Album of the Year trophy, Couldn’t Grammy producers have given one of those segments over to Lorde instead? Viewers took to ballroom dance shoes wide width social media to protest that Lorde was the only best album nominee to not get a solo performance slot on the show..

5. No love for Jay-Z. The Grammys, which are usually held in Los Angeles, were back in New York for the first time in 15 years. And the night’s leading nominee was one of the Big Apple’s signature celebs – Jay-Z. Clearly, that did not give him any type of home court advantage, since he lost in all eight of his nominated categories. (Ouch!). Still, Jay was in the house and it would have been EPIC to see him take the stage and perform one of the songs from “4:44.” Too bad it didn’t happen, for whatever reason.

If you’ve only visited this jewel of a National Park during its heavily congested summer months, you can’t imagine the blissful air of contemplation that blankets Yosemite Valley when the crowds vanish and the snow falls, Icicles dangle from tree branches, snowflakes dance and everything is calm and bright, No matter how you find your Yosemite bliss, the beauty of winter will burnish the experience, especially for those of us who love getting all swaddled up in ballroom dance shoes wide width scarves and mittens, sipping hot cocoa and breathing in the joy of the season, If you’ve got tykes in tow, be sure to allow some leisure time for making snow angels, hurling snowballs and sculpting a Frosty or two, as you gaze up at the glories of Half Dome and El Capitan, magically dusted in white..

There is so much solitude to savor, it’s easy to imagine all this natural splendor is just for you. Here are eight ways to play — old school and new wave — in Yosemite’s winter wonderland. Learn how to spot Polaris, the famously constant North Star, and soak up the mythology of the Seven Sisters, tossed high up into the night sky, where they became known as the Pleiades cluster. Immerse yourself in celestial lore during the hour-long Starry Skies Over Yosemite walking tour, offered year-round by park rangers. In the summer, you can lie on your back in the meadow, gazing up at the inky sky, unpolluted by city lights. In the winter, remember to bring your parka and mittens. And if you’re toting children along, don’t forget the cocoa.

Details: Tickets ($10) can be purchased ahead of time at any tour-and-activity desk in the park, but not on the tour itself, Wear warm, layered clothing and bring a flashlight, water and snacks, Learn more at, A refreshing antidote to bus tours where your posterior falls asleep and your brain wanders off, the Valley ballroom dance shoes wide width Floor Tour is both entertaining and educational, The driver shares the colorful history of the valley’s many scenic vistas, from the Tunnel View Lookout to El Capitan, with frequent stops so visitors can stretch their legs and snap as many selfies as they’d like, The two-hour tour operates year-round, From April through October, you ride aboard an open-air tram, From October through March, you take a heated bus — but you’ll want to bundle up for any selfie stops..

Details: Tickets ($20-$29) can be purchased online or through any tour-and-activity desk in the park. Pick up your tickets from the Yosemite Valley Lodge tour desk at least half an hour before tour time. Find more information at Everywhere you look in Yosemite, the perfect shot awaits. There are so many jaw-dropping vistas you could overload your Instagram account the first day. Still, you haven’t really seen the park until you’ve viewed it through the eyes of one of the insightful photography guides from the park’s Ansel Adams Gallery. Shutterbugs should be sure to sign up for one of the free camera walks that happen several mornings a week, in almost any weather.

Shooting in snow can be magical, the radiant light revealing the glamour of nature, Be forewarned that it can be chilly out there, not to mention wet, If you happen to waterlog your iPhone during a rainstorm, make sure you have a bag of rice stashed away in your luggage, Details: The Ansel Adams Gallery in Yosemite National Park offers free camera walks led by staff photographers several mornings a week, Reservations are a must;, Ice skating has been part of the Yosemite experience since 1928 and it’s no wonder why, You can lace up your skates and practice your figure-eights while basking in the spectacular views from the Half Dome ballroom dance shoes wide width Village Ice Rink, This kid-friendly outdoor skating rink is in the center of valley, just in the shadow of Half Dome, Cozy up après-skate near the warm glow of the fire pits..

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