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As much as FurCon has been a non-stop party — and stigmatized by the sexualized nature of some of the activities — Furries say it is a welcoming place for people who feel marginalized or unaccepted by larger society. “I come from a conservative family. I’ve struggled with my sexuality. This has helped me come to terms,” said a 30-year-old East Bay man, who only felt comfortable giving his Furry name, Ozzy Koala. “Radical self expression is a big part of it. Once people are putting on animals suits, everything else is out the window.”.

Furries have attracted many from the LGBTQ community, as well as those on the autism spectrum, he said, who are looking for accepting, creative communities, “There are a lot of Transfurs,” he said of transgender Furries, “It starts with putting on a costume that is literally a different gender, People get to feel what that’s like for the first time.”, For another convention goer from the East Bay, also uncomfortable giving his real name, “this was the social best pointe shoes for bunions environment that gave me the ability to say I’m OK with myself.”..

Many Furries became captivated by anthropomorphism — giving human characteristics to animals — as children by watching Disney’s talking animal classics, like Bambi and Lion King, or watching Looney Tunes’s Bugs Bunny. “When I was a kid, I was like, I wish I was an animal, damn it,” said Leach, who also goes by the name “Foyote.” “Just think how it would be to be an animal and be able to talk.”. Not everyone at the convention wears an animal costume, which can become overwhelmingly hot. The custom, plush costumes can be expensive, between $2,000 and $10,000. Some are equipped with flashing LEDs that light up tails and make eyes glow, and liquid cooling systems inside.

In much of the world, tea is an everyday beverage, whether you’re slurping boba on the go or settling into a steaming cup of chai, And if the growing presence of eclectic tea shops here in the Bay Area is any clue, tea may soon give coffee a run for its caffeine, Overall, tea in the United States is shifting from the upraised-pinky demographic to a more mainstream sip, says Victoria Boyert, a certified tea specialist and owner of Saratoga’s Tipping Pot by Satori Tea Co, “Tea is the perfect conduit to connect,” Boyert says, Between the steeping of tea leaves and the sheer ritual of it, tea “is naturally slower paced than coffee, So tea is the perfect best pointe shoes for bunions counterpart to the modern age.”..

But tea is also incredibly current — and Instagram-worthy. Just step into a bright, yellow-and-white hued Happy Lemon, the China-based fast-casual tea cafe with nine locations in the Bay Area, including Berkeley and Sunnyvale. There, millennials stand in long lines until 10 and 11 p.m. on weekends for a fix of — wait for it — creamy, salted cheese tea. And then there’s the creativity at home-grown spots, such as Pleasanton’s Inklings or San Jose’s Tea Lyfe, where laptops mingle with open mic nights. Husband-and-wife owners Candy and Caleb Bui opened Tea Lyfe in 2014 as an alternative to typical milk-tea shops.

Tea Lyfe specializes in natural, organic milk teas and other beverages that fuse their Latino and Vietnamese cultures, Think Vietnamese coffee horchata and a cold-brewed jasmine tea strong enough to stand up to Straus Family Creamery milk, The Buis make all their own syrups and source local and organic ingredients whenever possible, best pointe shoes for bunions “We wanted to do something different,” Candy says, “so people could experience the two cultures in our teas.”, Here’s to celebrating everything different in tea, You’ll find seven of our favorite Bay Area tea houses below — minimal doilies involved..

With its driftwood mobiles, sustainable veggie-driven fare, choco-chais and herbal tisanes, this is so not your Aunt Petunia’s tea salon. Laptop-tapping tea lovers perch at small tables at this Alameda cafe. Sunny yellow walls complement black-and-white checkered floors, and green shelves hold colorful tea pots and bins of Fair Trade teas to brew at home. But why would you want to, when there’s a secret garden out back where you can sip that Vitality Tonic Latte or Flower Power tisane under the trees?.

The cup: The tea menu offers up a full complement of 25 white, green, black and pu-erh teas, but on a chilly morning, you won’t go wrong — or risk caffeine insufficiency — with a steaming cup of fragrant black lavender tea ($3), Feeling a bit under the weather? There’s a minty Sniffles Tisane, too, Wait, there’s more: Pair that tea with something yummy from the cafe kitchen, a meltingly delicious grilled cheese and ham sandwich ($9), perhaps, or baked eggs ($7.50) topped with seasonal veggies, Be sure to peek in the pastry case, too, We’re still talking about the savory cheddar-chive scone best pointe shoes for bunions ($4)..

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