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The most striking feature of the work is Gehry’s asymmetrical, two-level set, which creates a dialogue between the dancers on the different levels, while adding another dimension for Childs’ hypnotic choreography, which seems to reveal and dissect hidden patterns in Adams’ music. “I loved the idea of a split-level set,” recalled Childs, 76, during a recent phone conversation from Martha’s Vineyard. “And I love the idea of doubling things. I had just completed the ‘Dances’ with Philip Glass and Sol LeWitt using dance and film. This offered another way to project that idea.”.

While Adams hesitates to describe the collaboration as a breakthrough, “it was definitely criss cross elastic pointe shoes an adventure,” he says, “I’d only worked once before with a choreographer, and that was in college, I decided to do a tape piece, which was unusual for me, and in preparation I listened to a lot of music from early days of tape music — Xenakis, Stockhausen, and Cage, And I took this as an opportunity to make a large-format, big-screen composition.”, Looking back, Adams can see how his unfamiliarity with the world of dance led him to create some very challenging music, A big wash of sound with a slippery pulse, his electronic symphony sometimes offers a daunting soundscape for a choreographer..

“It wasn’t until I was sitting and watching the rehearsals that I realized how hard it was for dancers to find something to hold on to,” Adams says. “I would have done it differently if I’d known more. That said, it’s amazing what Lucinda managed to find in the music. She would find patterns in some little sound here or there for a cue. It is remarkable how deeply choreographers listen to music, on a formal level, more deeply than most instrumentalists do.”. Adams’ second thoughts might come up during the discussions surrounding “Available Light.” The Feb. 3 pre-performance talk at Zellerbach includes Julie Lazar, who originally produced “Available Light,” and Linda Brumbach, who produced the 2015 Disney Hall restaging. The post-performance talk, moderated by Tarnopolsky, features Adams and Childs. On Feb. 4, the post-performance conversation, moderated by Ara Guzelimian, provost and dean of the Juilliard School in New York City, includes Adams, Childs and Gehry.

The Cambrian Symphony will perform in a free concert at 7:30 p.m, Feb, 3 at the San Jose State University Concert Hall, 1 Washington Square, San Jose, The concert open to the public, The program includes Cello Concerto – Edward Elgar’s Cello criss cross elastic pointe shoes Concerto featuring soloist Adelle-Akiko Kearns, Claude Debussy’s “Nocturnes” and Alexander Borodin’s “Polovtsian Dances.”, Based in the South Bay, the Cambrian Symphony is dedicated to supporting and mentoring young musicians by engaging students in performance side by side with professionals, The symphony, directed by Scott Krijnen, produces free, public performances..

It’s a familiar scene of a corporate meeting room. A team of high-powered management consultants breezes in from an assignment overseas and settles in to work on a new project. They’re comfortable in their methodology, creating diagrams and discussion points on a whiteboard while ribbing each other in friendly competition. It’s clear from the start, though, that something’s not right. What they’re brainstorming is possible methods of high volume termination and disposal of human bodies that can be done in secret. They’ve been told it’s for a hypothetical scenario of an otherwise uncontrollable epidemic, but that’s not exactly reassuring.

This is “Ideation,” the darkly comedic thriller by Berkeley playwright Aaron Loeb (“First Person Shooter,” “Abraham Lincoln’s Big Gay Dance Party”) now playing at City Lights Theater in San Jose, Winner of the Glickman Award for best play to premiere in the Bay Area in 2013, “Ideation” originally debuted as part of the Sandbox, San Francisco Playhouse’s criss cross elastic pointe shoes second-stage series of small-scale world premieres, In 2014, it became the first and only play from that program to date to go on to a return engagement as part of the company’s main stage season, and early last year, the same production went on to play New York’s 59E59 Theaters..

In the meantime, other productions have started to pop up here and there across the country. Now City Lights gives the play its South Bay premiere, and in February, it hits the North Bay with a Marin Onstage production in San Rafael. The City Lights staging is sharply directed by acclaimed local actor Mark Anderson Phillips, who starred in the original production. The team in the play is a close-knit group of collaborators who work together like a well-oiled machine, and that aspect is mirrored in the casting. Hannah, the anxious middle manager sitting in to make sure the brainstorming process runs smoothly, is briskly played by City Lights executive artistic director Lisa Mallette. Ted, the avuncular Southern old pro nicknamed “Papa Bear,” is portrayed with laid-back charm by former artistic director Tom Gough. George Psarras, the company’s resident composer and sound designer, is priceless as the brash Brock (the role that Phillips originated).

Sunny Moza is a coolly deliberate Sandeep, a junior member of the team who’s quick to see the sinister implications of the project, Max Tachis is amusingly oblivious as Scooter, an inept and presumptuous intern far too eager to be one of the guys, Ron Gasparinetti’s set lends an otherwise unassuming meeting room a few little details to engender unease, such as a slanted ceiling and light criss cross elastic pointe shoes ringing the underside of the floor, Psarras’ minimal sound design features some hilariously perfect pop song choices whenever someone puts on some music..

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