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5.”Tropic Thunder’s” Les Grossman: For Ben Stiller’s 2008 satire of action movie-making, Cruise put on a fat suit, bald cap, ugly glasses and huge prosthetic hands to play the shouty studio head. This full-blown comic burlesque, no doubt informed by some of the producers the actor had made rich (and who made him a star), is far and away the most complete, vulgar and hilarious transformation the actor has ever pulled off. It was Cruise’s idea to have Grossman dance to “Low,” too.

4, “Jerry Maguire” title role: Yes, he’s mainly a sports agent with something resembling scruples, and he gets redeemed repeatedly in Cameron Crowe’s 1996 dramedy (and greatest movie), But the way that Cruise plays Jerry as repeatedly befuddled by the part of him that came up freed wide fitting dance shoes with his career-endangering Mission Statement, along with how the actor arm-wrestles Jerry’s inclination to play dirty whenever he needs to prevail or just survive, makes Maguire Cruise’s most compellingly complex moral fool..

3. “Rain Man’s” Charlie Babbitt: Again, redeemed by the end (sigh; why?). But until then, God, what a jerk! Cruise’s dishonest auto importer tries for the bulk of a cross-country road trip to rook Raymond, the autistic savant brother he didn’t know he had, out of their dead father’s fortune, and it seems like there’s no coldhearted depth Charlie won’t stoop to. Cruise not only gets points for this sustained display of humorless self-interest, but also for the gracious selflessness of his straight man work to Dustin Hoffman’s relentless, showy technique. Hoffman, director Barry Levinson and the picture all won 1988 Academy Awards. Never-Oscared Cruise, the steel core of this film, wasn’t even nominated., 2, “Collateral’s” Vincent the contract killer: Far colder than even “Interview with the Vampire’s” Lestat, Cruise’s most flat-out villain is a marvel of disciplined malice, While forcing Jamie Foxx’s hapless cabbie Max to drive him around Michael Mann’s dangerously lit, nighttime L.A, in this 2004 neo-noir, Vincent drops sadistic psychological freed wide fitting dance shoes hammers on the poor driver and even threatens to kill Max’s hospitalized mother, He’ll put anyone in harm’s way, or murder them himself, without a second thought, Cruise, however, thought the whole characterization through; somehow this superkiller always feels 100 percent human..

1. “Magnolia’s” Frank T.J. Mackey: The “Seduce and Destroy” motivational speaker from Paul Thomas Anderson’s sprawling, 1999 look at emotional dysfunction in the San Fernando Valley makes a living being the world’s worst sexist pig. But the profane, unforgiving spleen of this alleged dating guru – malignly magnificent as all that is – is just the surface of a character Cruise imbues with all of the audience-engaging tricks at his formidable command. When Mackey gives his male loser clientele a seminar on “How to Fake Like You Are Nice and Caring,” it is utterly bone-chilling.

“Do I look pathetic?” Lady Gaga asks, covering her face with her hands to hide her tears, She is lying on a couch in her apartment, only a towel covering her body, A physical therapist places an ice pack on her cheek and massages her head, “I’m so embarrassed,” she says, sobbing quietly, For the past few years, the musician has been suffering in private like this from chronic pain that began after she broke her hip in 2013, She has spoken publicly about the injury before — describing how MRIs revealed she had a quarter-sized hole in her hip — and this month told freed wide fitting dance shoes fans she’d been diagnosed with fibromyalgia..

But a new film documentary about the 31-year-old performer exposes the extent to which the condition has affected her life. “Gaga: Five Foot Two,” which premiered on Netflix Sept. 22, is suffused with raw moments like the one of the pop superstar — born Stefani Germanotta — crying on her couch. Directed by Chris Moukarbel, the film follows Gaga over the course of a year, through the release of her latest album, “Joanne,” her breakup with fiance Taylor Kinney and her performance at the Super Bowl halftime show in February.

It’s a portrait of an artist with few emotional filters, someone unafraid to be vulnerable with those around her: She cries when meeting fans, She cries playing a new song for her grandmother, She cries over how lonely she feels at night, She cries in the recording studio, And she cries when her body hurts, “You have to cry, It’s not good to keep things inside, It makes you sick,” she says, She is sitting in a hotel conference room, empty except for two chairs, just hours before the documentary’s premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival, Her bottom eyelid is lined with thick black and gold glitter, and she is wearing platforms that are at least freed wide fitting dance shoes 7 inches high..

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