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The California Republican congressman says several left-wing activist groups have filed accusations against him with the office of congressional ethics. Nunes says the charges are false and politically motivated. But he says it’s in the best interest of the committee to have Republican Mike Conaway of Texas temporarily take charge of the committee’s investigation. Two ethics watchdog groups filed complaints about the chairman of the House intelligence committee, Republican Devin Nunes of California.

Nunes says he’s temporarily stepping aside from the panel’s investigation of Russian meddling in the election because of the complaints, Democracy 21 and Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington say Nunes disclosed classified mens dance shoes size 15 information, which violates House ethics rules, The groups say Nunes publicly disclosed information he learned by viewing classified material, Two of the four people who signed the March 28 letter alleging ethics violations served as White House counsels in Republican and Democratic administrations..

Speaker Paul Ryan says Texas Republican Mike Conaway will take over the House investigation into Russian meddling in last year’s election. Ryan says an ethics complaint filed against Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes of California by government watchdog groups would be a “distraction” and that Nunes should no longer lead the probe. Nunes has come under intense criticism for meeting secretly with White House officials to view intelligence regarding Trump associates. Ryan says he is confident that Conaway “will oversee a professional investigation into Russia’s actions and follow the facts wherever they lead.”.

The chairman of the House intelligence committee says he will temporarily step aside from the panel’s probe into Russian meddling mens dance shoes size 15 in the election, In a statement on Thursday, Republican congressman Devin Nunes (NOO’-nehs) of California says that several left-wing activist groups have filed accusations against him with the office of congressional ethics, Nunes says the charges are false and politically motivated, But he says it’s in the best interest of the committee to have GOP congressman Mike Conaway of Texas temporarily take charge of the committee’s investigation..

The double bass loomed large in the New York City landscape of Risa Jaroslow’s youth. When her mother wasn’t practicing, the instrument leaned in the corner of their Queens apartment, standing more than six-feet tall and taking up more space than most people. Her mother worked her way through Juilliard playing hotel and club gigs in the 1940s and went on to a long career as an orchestral bassist, an extremely rare path for women at the time. So when the acclaimed New York choreographer encountered Lisa Mezzacappa at San Francisco’s ODC Dance Commons in 2015, she was immediately drawn to “this friendly but intense red-headed female bass player,” Jaroslow said. She had read an article about Mezzacappa a few years earlier and was deeply impressed by the sheer multiplicity of her creative endeavors as a composer, bandleader and freewheeling improviser.

When they finally met, Mezzacappa was performing with the Paul Dresher Ensemble in the West Coast premiere of Jaroslow’s “Resist/Surrender” during Jaroslow & Dancers’ inaugural Bay Area season in 2015, The bassist “did not disappoint,” Jaroslow said, Indeed, the choreographer mens dance shoes size 15 was so intrigued by Mezzacappa’s physicality with the instrument that she suggested they start getting together for informal sessions, a process of experimentation that culminated in “Touch Bass” – an evening-length work debuting April 27-30 at San Francisco’s ODC Theater..

Featuring dancers Scott Marlowe, Tara McArthur and Lauren Simpson and the acoustic bassists Eric Perney and Matt Small as well as Mezzacappa, the piece was inspired partly by the movements involved in playing the instrument and just getting it to and from a performance. “Every musician is in tune with the physicality of their instrument, but bassists have all of that magnified,” said Mezzacappa. “We’re always negotiating its physicality. One of my favorite maneuvers is moving between the bar and the tables in the bar when no one will get out of the way, or getting up and down stairs. What happened with Risa was this close examination of the angle of the wrist or bow. As bassists, we’re thinking about how to make the sound. It’s so interesting for someone to look at it from the outside, amplifying that and calling attention to it.”.

The dance piece flows from “the movement … inherent in playing mens dance shoes size 15 the instrument,” Jaroslow said, “We have a section based on the movement of bowing …, very horizontal with an arc that’s created by the bridge, We used that to develop two duets and a trio…. We just take it and build on it, I work very collaboratively with the dancers, I see myself … as an instigator and guide as much as a choreographer, We all work on it and see what we come up with.”, Though Mezzacappa’s composing and performing often has intersected with film, video, literature and the visual arts, “Touch Bass” marks her first collaboration with a choreographer, Jaroslow is also exploring new territory — improvisation, which is a touchstone of Mezzacappa’s music..

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