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“I can hear and see a lot of things and sounds all at the same time,” he says in the video, “which sometimes makes it hard to focus on one sound or thought.”. His mother said has gone to the same school since kindergarten and has friends in his grade. Some of the girls dote on him, she said, reminding him to get in line at the right time or to grab his lunch. But George has a big personality, she said, and it’s been harder to connect with the boys. While Jolley said she has always found the school to be inclusive, kids tend to be afraid of things that are different or they don’t understand.

“As he gets older, his peers get older, and they notice more things and are more quick to judge or laugh,” she said, “They could think, ‘He’s different, I will go away, I will avoid him.’ We wanted to head that off at the pass.”, George got a helping hand with the video from his mother, an actor who was in the Broadway production of “Hairspray,” and his father, Mike Yionoulis, a target ballet flats toddler professional composer of theater music, “We worked on the video for a few weeks,” Jolley explained, “We used footage from years ago and a few weeks ago, We wanted to show how far George has come.”..

George was diagnosed with autism when he was 2, and didn’t talk until he was almost 3. Steps such as talking, getting dressed on his own and learning how to stay on task were big celebrations. “Something a typical person inherently knows how to do, he learns how to do,” Yionoulis said. “We don’t take anything for granted.”. With help from parents, George wrote the video’s script, describing some of the challenges of living with autism such as difficulty with eye contact and trouble interpreting some language.

“I also tend to take what people say literally, That means if you say ‘take a seat,’ you might find one less chair in your classroom,” George jokes in the video, George presented the target ballet flats toddler video to his class in early October and took questions from his classmates afterward, “One of the kids asked him, ‘So you’re saying even if you’re playing by yourself, you’d be OK if we asked you to play?'” his father recalled, Another classmate liked that George in the video invites kids to come up and ask him anything about his autism or his life, “No, seriously, it’s OK, just come ask me abut it,” he tells them..

By Russell Contreras | Associated Press. AZTEC, N.M. — A 21-year-old gunman who disguised himself as a student to get into a New Mexico high school where he killed two students had caught the attention of U.S. investigators more than a year ago, authorities said Friday. William Atchison, a former student at small-town Aztec High School, had legally purchased a handgun at a local store a month ago and planned the attack, authorities said. He left a message on a thumb drive found on his body that detailed his plan to wait until the students got off buses and made their way to class.

He mingled with students, then walked into school with them and went into a second-floor bathroom to “gear up.” Atchison’s plan was to shoot up a classroom and then kill himself, “Work sucks, school sucks, life sucks, I just want out of this (expletive),” he wrote, More lives could have been lost had Francisco I, Fernandez not walked into the bathroom, authorities said, The gunman target ballet flats toddler shot Fernandez, then walked out into the hallway and encountered the second victim, Casey J, Marquez, He immediately killed her..

Atchison then walked up and down the hall, firing randomly, before killing himself, authorities said. “He was determined to create as much carnage as he possibly could,” San Juan County Sheriff Ken Christesen said. The shooter did not have a criminal record, much less a traffic ticket, officials said. The only contact with law enforcement was what they described as a generic message on an online gaming forum in 2016 in which he talked about what weapons might be used in a mass shooting.

The FBI said the posting was flagged and investigators talked with the gunman at his home in Aztec, where he lived with his parents, At the time, he did not own any weapons other than an airsoft pellet gun and said he had no plans for an attack and just liked to troll sites online, The shooting has rocked target ballet flats toddler Aztec, a community of about 6,500 near the Colorado border, Hundreds gathered for prayer services and candlelight vigils and more gatherings are planned over the weekend as residents look for answers..

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