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– Eliminates climate-change prevention programs, including pledged payments to U.N. climate-change programs. – Reduces funding for U.N. peacekeeping. – Reduces funding for development banks such as the World Bank. – Reduces most cultural-exchange programs, but keeps the Fulbright Program. TRANSPORTATION DEPARTMENT. The Transportation Department’s budget would shrink by 13 percent. The spending plan would move what has been a core government function – air traffic control – outside of government hands, and push responsibility for many transit and other projects to localities.

– Shifts air traffic control outside the government, – Eliminates funding for many new transit projects and support for long-distance Amtrak trains, – Eliminates $175 million in subsidies for commercial flights to rural airports, – Cuts $499 million from the TIGER grant program, which has funded dozens of road, transit and other projects, TREASURY DEPARTMENT, what shoes to wear for lyrical dance The Treasury’s budget would shrink by 4 percent, with other funds reallocated toward the department’s security missions: preventing hacking, seizing terrorists’ bank accounts and enforcing sanctions on foreign adversaries..

– Reduces funding for the Internal Revenue Service by $239 million. – Eliminates grants for Community Development Financial Institutions, which provide financial services in economically distressed neighborhoods. DEPARTMENT OF VETERANS AFFAIRS. VA would be one of the few departments to see its budget grow, by 6 percent to $78.9 billion. Most of the increase would improve veterans’ access to doctors and support services following a scandal in 2014 over patient wait times. The money would also help fill some of the agency’s more than 45,000 vacant medical positions. Veterans Choice, a program that gives patients the option to see private doctors outside the VA system, would also expand.

– Adds $4.4 billion in new funding to expand health services and modernize VA’s benefit claims system and other services, what shoes to wear for lyrical dance ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY, Trump’s budget begins to dismantle the EPA, shrinking its funding by 31 percent and eliminating a fifth of its workforce, More than 50 programs would be eliminated altogether, including Energy Star; grants that help states and cities fight air pollution; an office focused on environmental justice and cleanup efforts in the Chesapeake Bay and Great Lakes; and infrastructure assistance to Alaskan native villages and along the Mexican border, Funding for drinking water infrastructure would remain intact, but the agency’s scienctific research would suffer massive cuts..

– Eliminates more than 50 programs and 3,200 jobs. – Discontinues funding for international climate-change programs. – Cuts funding for the Office of Research and Development in half. – Cuts funding for the Superfund cleanup program and the Office of Enforcement and Compliance. – Prioritizes drinking water and wastewater infrastructure projects. NASA will see only a small cut – about 1 percent of its 2017 budget. But the cuts come almost entirely from Earth-observing and education programs, suggesting that Trump aims to make good on campaign promises to shift NASA’s focus away from our planet. The budget also directs NASA to find ways to collaborate with the commercial space industry. It makes no mention of the Journey to Mars, which is likely to add to speculation that Trump wants to shift NASA’s focus to the moon.

– Cuts $102 million of funding from Earth science, terminating four missions aimed at understanding climate-change, – Eliminates the $115 million Office of Education, – Cuts $88 million from the Robotic Refueling Mission, which develops techniques to repair satellites, SMALL BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, The Trump administration is proposing to cut about 5 percent of the Small Business Administration’s budget, The new plan would eliminate what shoes to wear for lyrical dance $12 million worth of technical-assistance grants and other programs where the administration thinks the private sector already “provides efficient mechanisms” for small-business development and growth..

– Eliminates PRIME technical-assistance grants, Growth Accelerators and Regional Innovation Clusters, saving about $12 million. – Cuts $1 million of $46 million of loan guarantees currently available to small-business owners. ARTS AND CULTURAL AGENCIES. The Trump administration’s proposal calls for eliminating four cultural agencies and their collective $971 million budgets. Most of the funds support nonprofit groups across the country, such as dance companies, radio stations, orchestras and theaters.

– Eliminates all $148 million for the National Endowment for the Arts and all $148 million for the National Endowment for the Humanities, – Eliminates the $230 million Institute of Museum and Library Services, – Eliminates the $445 million what shoes to wear for lyrical dance for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, which supports public television and radio, including PBS and NPR, AGENCIES TO BE HIT, In total, the budget proposes to eliminate funding for these 19 agencies, – African Development Foundation..

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